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Church Websites: Over 100 Amazing Ideas for Church Web Design for 2020 (Choose Best Templates)

Searching for design ideas for your church websites templates?

Guess What?

Look no further…

…this is an exhaustive free church websites visual list that will spring up ideas you can use right now.

Studying best practices from other church websites can give you ideas to create your church website yourself; give benchmarks to a web designer; improve your local church communication (online); avoid costly mistakes and even play a part in yielding greater spiritual fruit for the Kingdom.

Please do enjoy and be inspired to give your best for the expansion of the Lord’s kingdom on earth.

You can click on the link to get to the website live (None are broken).

12-stone-church-website-design12 Stone Church Website Design: Impressive and bold design with a definitive call to action

20-20-generation-church-website-design2020 Generation Church Website Design: Great youthful graphics with a dark background

121-community-church-website-design121 Community Church Website Design: A bit traditional but see that video up there? Cool?

abundant-living-faith-center-website-designAbundant Living Faith Centre Website Design: Wide image slider, uncluttered design

aloma2-church-website-designAloma Church Website Design: Creative navigation and graphics. Bold, daring background.

arise-church-website-designArise Church Website Design: Beautiful graphics, simplified navigation emphasis.

assembly-of-god-church-website-designAssembly of God Church Website Design: Video banner area focusing on service 

baptist-church-websiteBaptist Church Website Design: Simplistic concept with driving direction & service times

bethel-redding-church-websiteBethel Redding Church Website Design: Big, bold use of photography; dual navigation system.

bethlehem-baptist-church-websiteBethlehem Baptist Website Design: Soothing, nature-like design with image slider.

beulah-alliance-church-websiteBeulah Alliance Church Website Design: Sidebar navigation system, bold use of brand color

calvary-bible-church-website-designCalvary Bible Church Website Design: Simple, traditional design with additional navigation for simplicity.

centro-cristiano-church-website-designCentro Cristiano Church Website Design: Schedule concept. With this design, you have to just put something in your reminder.

christ-embassy-nigeria-church-website-designChrist Embassy Church Website Design: If you’ve got it, flaunt it. The design intends to tell everybody everything.

christ-fellowship-church-website-designChrist Fellowship Church Website Design: Not too comfortable with use of these chunky typography and the leading could’ve been better abi?

church-of-his-presence-website-designChurch of His Presence Website Design: Quite a lot for the eyes to contend with in this design abi? Well that’s to say there are quite a lot that can be improved upon.

Cindy Cruse Ratcliff Gospel Website Design: Beautiful bold and high resolution image used here. This concept projects the brand of the gospel artist. A video clip is also up for view.

city-beautiful-church-website-designCity Beautiful Church Website Design: Creative placement of navigation system to give room for the full width image used. Unique layout with cool color rendering.

city-church-chicago-website-designCity Church Chicago Website Design: I specifically like the placement of the logo breaking the navigation to show, in one section, stuffs about the church and in the other, church and charity activities. The creative graphic design used here is quite interesting.

city-church-website-designLoft City Church Website Design: Cool, calm, collected and classy design. This is what I call a classic. The web design is so calming with the bold use of a single image.

city-harvest-church-website-designCity Harvest Church Website Design: There is clarity with the navigation system of this design. No ambiguity. I like the cross-hatched black background.

city-of-god-website-designCity of Life Church Website Design: Church and sports? Come on what’s the relationship? A lot! Just wear your favorite team jersey to church and find out.

college-park-church-website-designCollege Park Church Website Design: Dual navigation system yet kept simple. I feel the navigation system below the church’s logo would’ve been better without the white space between the grey boxes.

cornerstone-community-church-website-designCornerstone Community Church Website Design: Simplistic design but contrast is an issue here. Fellowship Website Design: Wide-format image usage drawing on new visitors to take a tour of the fellowship.

crossroads-church-website-designCrossroad Church Website Design: Interesting navigation system. I like how the orange arrow around the logo forces the direction of the eye on the navigation area. Creative use of photography.


Living Faith Church Website Design: Compelling graphics used here. Header section including navigation area can be improved.

daystar-christian-centre-lagos-nigeria-website-designDaystar Christian Centre Website Design: I love the graphics in the banner area. Navigation system can be improved upon.

deeper-christian-life-ministry-nigeria-website-designDeeper Christian Life Ministry Website Design: Quite a lot of information here. The eye has a lot to contend with. This can be simplified while putting all the important factors to consideration.

discovery2-church-website-design Discovery Church Arizona Website Design: Great conservative design. Logo breaks navigation system nicely.

discovery-church-website-designDiscovery Church Website Design: Photography is powerful in today’s web design: How would you feel worshiping in this tabernacle? The design takes you into the live experience of worship.

elevation-church-website-designElevation Church Website Design: Nicely positioned toggled menu makes design look very clean and uncluttered. Concept projects elevation as you life those hands in worship.

elim-international-churchElim International Church Website Design: Dry bones shall rise again: concept projects beauty for ashes. There is something beautiful about that thing even if you think it’s dead. Great concept.

Scattered Saints Church Website Design: Flat UI design with a sidebar that tilts towards engaging you in holy social activities.

evfree-church-website-designEvfree Church Arizona Website Design: Big, BOLD photography with simplistic menus.

fbchammond-church-website-designFBC Hammond Church Website Design: Creative graphic design and nice choice of typography

fellowship-church-website-designFellowship Church Website Design: Conventional, traditional design

fellowship-dallas-church-website-designFellowship Dallas Church Website Design: Great graphics spices up design.

first-baptist-dallas-church-website-designFirst Baptist Church, Dallas, Web Design: The concept projects the “warmer welcome” with emphasis on typography and great photography.

gateway-church-website-designGateway Church Website Design: Smiling faces, hands up in worship, rejoicing everywhere…they’re all about people.

glad-tidings-church-website-designGlad Tidings Church Website Design: You are filled with smiles because it’s glad tidings. Banner concept tells you that you’ll find what you’re looking for if you come.

grace-community-church-website-designGrace Community Church Website Design: Nice cool  background spiced up with gracious typography and strategic call to action buttons on attractive orange colors “to tell you the truth.”

guardian-lutheran-church-website-designGuardian Lutheran Church Web Design: You can tell the nature of the church with the photograph used. Vertical drop down navigation menu at the left with another at the right.

halton-baptist-church-website-designHalton Baptist Church, Dallas, Web Design: Conventional, traditional design

harvest-church-website-designHarvest Church Website Design: Redeeming the time because the days are evil: This concept give you schedule for the next online experience so we have an online church that also offers leadership training.

higher-dimension-church-website-designHigher Dimension Church Web Design: Enough air space to project the single image design and encourage people to give to a good course. The image animation is very unique, rare and uncommon (had to use all the grammar I have, no vex).

hillside-church-website-designHillside Church Website Design: Concept pushes the more than one location of the church in and around California and Texas in the United States of America. So what excuse do people who live in the environs have of not going to church.

hillsong-church-london-website-designHillsong Church, London Web Design: Flat UI design that allows a full sized image to breath. Nicely placed toggled navigation at the far top right.

hillsong-church-website-designHillsong Church Web Design: Flat UI design that allows a full sized image to breath. Nicely placed toggled navigation at the far top right and centered social media icons. An interactive chat pops once site finishes loading.

house-on-the-rock-church-lagos-nigeria-website-designHouse On The Rock Church Web Design: Great branded web design. I’m a witness, this was a complete branding project.

international-church-of-las-vegas-website-designInternational Church Las Vegas Web Design: Conventional, traditional website design.

joyous-celebration-website-designJoyous Celebration Website Design: Powerful, bold, daring use of photography to project the live experience with South Africa’s greatest gospel group.

kenneth-hagin-ministries-website-design Kenneth Hagin Ministry Web Design: Banner section showcasing the ministry’s recent product. Side bar design seeks donations as partners of the ministry. Friendly design though a lot for the eyes to contend with.

kingdom-life-fellowship-website-designKingdom Life Fellowship Web Design: Simplistic design and beautiful use of typography to emphasize message clearly.

kwoc-church-website-designKwoc Church Web Design: Conventional, traditional design. Typography used in the banner section can be improved upon especially when it comes to contrast and legibility.

lake-hills-church-website-designLake Hills Church Web Design: Conventional, traditional design with strategic geographic locators in the copy section.

lake-mount-church-website-designLake Mount Church Web Design: Banner design concept shows the connection, in literal sense, in the presence of Jesus Christ when you worship with the church.

lakewood-church-website-designLakewood Church Website Design: Concept immediately projects the pastor and his wife in an wholesome smile asking you to join them in their services. Design shows navigation menu on the left and displays live Tweets inviting you to church.

life-centre-church-website-designLife Center Church Web Design: Another big, bold use of photography. Design is uncluttered and gives the eye some very great soothing relief.

life-church-website-designLife Church Website Design: Heart of love concept. Design capitalizes on space to focus on main concept projected in the banner area.

lifepoint-church-website-designLifepoint Church Web Design: At Lifepoint church, you RECLAIM all you have lost. Great simple, uncluttered design with a uniquely positioned image slide indicator.

ligonier-church-website-designLigonier Church Web Design: One of the image slides show the church’s series now an app available for members (and interested subscribers too) to download.

long-hollow-church-websiteLong Hollow Church Web Design: Conventional, traditional design.

mountain-of-fire-and-miracles-ministry-website-designMountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry Web Design: Beautiful, bold and high-resolutioned (permit my grammar) graphically designed banner section. Strategic use of brand colors; chunky and light fonts used to contrast; cool and calm. Great work for a Nigerian church website.

mount-ararat-church-website-designMount Ararat Church Web Design: I can see a mountainous edifice: Concept draws attention to the place of worship inviting you to just visit.

new-covenant-bible-church-website-designNew Covenant Bible Church Web Design: Conventional, traditional design wanting you to make that initiative.

new-life-church-website-designNew Life Church Web Design: I like the unexpected positioning of the navigation menu.

newspring-church-website-designNewspring Church Website Design: Flat, clean UI design with a sliding search form.

northwood-church-website-designNorthwood Church Web Design: Wow! I feel so excited here. Electrifying image gets you thrilled and wanting you to be part of people eager to change their world. Great use of photography in website design.

nu-church-website-design Nu Church Website Design: Design idea cuts across different units of the church as reflected in the banner section. Don’t ask me what the red big square stands for please.

oasis-church-website-designOasis Church Web Design: Unconventional design forcing you to appreciate the powerful photography it presents.

park-street-church-website-designPark Street Church Web Design: Church is surrounded by beautiful scenery and this is simply projected in the design.

pembury-baptist-church-website-designPembury Baptist Church Web Design: Concept places importance on bookmarking church’s activities for the year on your diary and calendar. Header section will need some tidying up.

planetshakers-church-website-designPlanetshakers Church Web Design: Interesting lighting effect on full width image used. Design has a very good. clean navigation menu.
reading-family-church-website-designReading Family Church Web Design: Flat UI contemporary design.

redeemed-christian-church-of-god-nigeria-website-designRedeemed Christian Church of God Web Design: No time to waste, the General Overseer himself is positioned in the background of the massive crowd that turns out for their programmes. Who says you can’t creatively use English language like “bredeemed?”

redeemer-church-website-designRedeemer Church Website Design: Typography used majorly for the graphics on this website. Big bold buttons calls you to take desired action.

remnant-church-website-designRemnant Church Web Design: Suspense sets in as you desire to really know how this blurred, dark background looks…next step? Click to visit.

renewal-church-of-chicago-website-designRenewal Church of Chicago Web Design: An unconventional design (check out where logo is placed):  A city church right at the heart of the city tells you no matter the hustle and bustle, you can still step in to worship.

risen-church-website-designRisen Church Web Design: A Los Angeles based church in the United States of America is not afraid to tell the world that they are willing not only to serve locally but globally. Full width image usage makes you appreciate the beautifully well lined trees around the city.

risen-life-church-website-designRisen Life Church Web Design: Beautiful I really got excited with this website design. It looks clean and relaxing (MY WEAKNESS: I love simplicity).

rockcity-church-website-designRockcity Church Website Design: Layout well structured and simplified with a toggled menu on the far right. Very clean, very airy, very calm.

saddleback-church-website-designSaddleback Church Web Design: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world…” Photography literarily illustrates those powerful biblical quotations.

salisbury-christian-church-website-designSalisbury Christian Church Web Design: This image slide makes it look kind of like an all children affair. I like the strategic positioning of the logo and navigation.

shoreline-church-website-designShoreline Church Web Design: Design looks quite conventional with a contemporary feel, outstanding navigation with additional information on the sidebar.

southland-church-web-designSouthland Church Website Design: Design capitalizes on bold use of image that covers banner and header section.

st-andrews-presbyterian-church-website-designSt Andrews Presbyterian Church Web Design: Great use of photography in web design.

stonebriar-community-church-website-designStonebriar Community Church Web Design: Beautiful header section with an interesting background.

stpatrick-church-websiteSt. Patrick Church Web Design: Flat UI design. Dominating blue color is contrasted with orange also used in the buttons to call for your attention.

st-richard-catholic-church-website-design St Richard Catholic Church Website Design: Have a feel of everything in church. Unconventional Design that takes you unaware.

td-jakes-ministries-website-designT.D. Jakes Ministries Web Design: Design dedicated to promoting gospel products and seeking support for the ministry.

the-chapel-website-designThe Chapel Website Design: Powerful use of space and enlarged live video. Toggled navigation keeps design clean, uncluttered and airy.

the-city-church-website-designThe City Church Web Design: Kids are so happy being in church. Design is clean but I’d prefer the copy section does not cover the smiling lips of the other kid.

the-father's-house-church-website-designThe Father’s House Web Design: Another example of a simple design welcoming you home(page).

the-redeemed-evangelical-mission-lagos-nigeria-website-designThe Redeemed Evangelical Mission Web Design: Conventional, traditional design with next church event schedule application running at the top.

the-village-church-website-designThe Village Church Web Design: I love the creative positioning in the header section. The banner section is filled with a live photo of worshippers in church. Social icons projected in clean flat UI design. Impressive!

tnl-church-website-designTNL Church Web Design: Quite a lot to contend with here. Let me have your comments.

trinity-united-methodist-church-website-designTrinity United Methodist Church Web Design: Church aint that rigid not to allow some form of relaxation. Design calls all to enjoy summer in a relaxed outfit.

triumphant-christian-centre-lagos-nigeria-website-designTriumphant Christian Centre Web Design: Contemporary design projecting a live worship session with the Senior Pastor ministering.

university-catholic-chaplaincy-website-designUniversity Catholic Chaplaincy Web Design: Unconventional approach employed here.

valley-creek-website-designValley Creek Church Web Design: Creative use of graphics and typography in the banner section of design.

  1. victory-christian-centre-website-designVictory Christian Centre Web Design: All-in-one banner image that introduces you to the senior pastors and other fellowships within the church.

watermark-church-website-designWatermark Church Web Design: Impressive layout and background used to present a cool natural website design.

wc-church-website-designWC Church Website Design: Flat UI design with typography majorly used for graphic design.

westwide-family-church-website-designWestwide Family Church Web Design: Typography used for conventional, traditional design. Arrangement of navigation looks clean.

whites-chapel-website-designWhites Chapel Web Design: I hope this church is not for whites only because I’m black, lol! Schedule app strategically positioned to tell you how long the next service is from when you land on the page – so prepare, let’s go churching.


WHEW! Quite an exhausting list…

NOW! It’s your turn…

Which church website(s) inspired, fascinated you the most?

Let me know right now by dropping your comments below!

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