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Grafix Vision and Contact Emmy Almanac Designs


GRAFIX VISION’s Management called us in to come up with a breath-taking unique almanac for the year 2020.

Almost immediately, we went into working with the client to get a very clear brief devoid of any form of ambiguity.

Client called in and gave us a brief stating their brand preferences in terms of color, typography, use and placement of their corporate logo.

For the year’s almanac design, the company prefered we go without imagery and come up with a concept around color projection.

(Since company was into Digital Color Separation for Computer-to-Film, CtF and Computer-to-Plate, CtP, technologies).

Our brief was very clear so we jumped first in vectorising the bitmap logo that was handed over to us.

Our next step was to look for an image that would go down well with the brief that wanted us to project a concept around colours.

We got a colour ball and put all the pieces together.

On siting the first visual sent to client, she was impressed and with just little modification, it was good to be produced.

Contact Emmy Nigeria Limited Almanac Design and Production


Our client, Contact Emmy Nigeria Limited, CONTACTed (lol) us to design and produce (PRINT) their 2020 Almanac.

The Brief:
Come up with a concept; take high resolution and production friendly photographs; vectorise logo and work within customer’s brand colour specifications.

We got down to brass tack.

Our first point of call was to pay a visit for the photo shoot.

We were very conscious of images knowing fully well that we’re not just designing the almanac but we’re actually producing.

No room for compromise: the team got down with sorting the best images after the photo shoot.

We got client consent on images to be used (especially the ones client was very particular about).

After that, we got down with using Coreldraw to vectorise the bitmap supplied logo; cleaned up and traced images in Photoshop, imported the images in CorelDraw and finalised our design in same.

We sent the visual (ofcourse in low resolution for easy attachment online).

Client did a little adjustment and we were good for production.

Final outcome was real good because we were conscious of all graphical elements from the onset.

Courtesy Freepik


This is a concept that projects the use of vectorised imagery to project the concept at hand.

In being creative, there are quite a lot of graphical elements to explore:







The list could really be more.

In this concept, we see how an image (as against using its traditional bitmap form) is vectorised.

This vectorisation has two major roles its playing:

  1. It goes off the traditional way of using bitmaps
  2. It makes file sizes quite small and
  3. Reproduction at any magnification is sharp (due to its vectorised state).


Calendar design for Our Daily Manna Devotional.

Two (2) months-at-view calendar (total of 7 pages with the cover) design to help promote the quarterly Christian book for ODM worldwide.

Calendar Design and Printing

What we did:

  1. Creative Concept for all 6 pages.
  2. Designed beautiful, well laid out Pages Visuals.
  3. Creative Theme Development “LIVE to WIN”
  4. Theme Development Rationale: Explaining concept of theme
  5. Photograph sourcing, modifications and enhancements.
  6. Advised, guided client on production technicalities to achieve concept as it it (WYSIWYG)
  7. Supervised production to ensure optimal quality is strictly adhered to final output.

Our Tools:

  1. Brains
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Coreldraw
  4. Adobe Reader (PDF)
  5. Adobe Indesign
  6. Snipping Tool

Client comment:

“You guys are great, we are glad to work with professionals that insist on world class standards in terms of creativity and quality for final products at all times.”

We’re so excited.

We’d be glad to help you with your corporate almanac and calendar design and production

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