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Branding Strategy: The Need To Stand Out

Branding StrategyBranding strategy for a great business is increasingly becoming an important aspect of business growth. There is need for you to create a strong strategy for your brand considering the teeming competition.

Recently, in the news, Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs, in Nigeria have been urged to see the need to rebrand, refocus and reposition their businesses to boost their marketability. Continue reading Branding Strategy: The Need To Stand Out

Branded Website design

branded-web-design-nigeriaWhat Does It Mean To Stand Out From The Crowd?
Hey my guy just take that template and do something for us, abeg no time. In some other scenario, it could be: “Can’t you just Google up something for us and adapt it?” People these days don’t seem to care about being unique and giving themselves some form of differentiation with their brands. The key thing for them is just get it out there. There are billions of web pages out there today and really it seems very difficult to stand out. But I implore you to choose to stand out all the same. Continue reading Branded Website design

A Breath-taking Profile of a Digital Media Specialist

Dr Anderson Uvie-Emegbo, MBChB, ITBMC
Dr-Anderson-Uvie-Emegbo-ProDr. Anderson is a leading African digital and social economy specialist, thought leader, multimedia content producer, writer, innovation architect, social techpreneur, educator, and certified information technology business manager with over 16 years’ experience in the digital space. Continue reading A Breath-taking Profile of a Digital Media Specialist

Redesign of Nurturedscills Website Part 2

More Insights and Action Points with Crazy Egg
I mentioned about this powerful, interesting and revealing online web application that enables you to do wonderful things with your website – especially as regards showing you, in a visual form, where your potential visitors, clients or customers are interested in. I have more revealing aspects of our case study: Nurturedscills website. Let’s get cracking now… Continue reading Redesign of Nurturedscills Website Part 2