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Your Website URL Matters

If we quickly make reference to popular online words and meanings we shared here, we’d remember what URL means. We’re not going to start defining or explaining that here. So if you’re interested you could quickly take a quick swipe and read it up here. We’d be concentrating on the importance of long and short URLs amidst other factors and how they affect your page rank in Google.

dashes-underscores-website-designer-nigeriaDashes Vs Underscores

In analytical Google ranking and interpretation of your URL, if you use dashes to separate words, Google interpretes those words differently. For example if you’re targeting “nursery school nigeria” and you use a URL like, Google sees those words as separate words and when someone searches for any of those queries in no particular order, there are tendencies for your site to show up –provided other parameters are also in place for your website or blog.

For underscores, Google interpretes them as a single word. For example, “nursery_school_nigeria” is seen in search terms as “nurseryschoolnigeria.” I don’t think anybody would make that type of typographic error or deliberately search for that mangled word.

extraneous-characters-digital-marketing-nigeriaExtraneous Characters
Like a spider on the web, Google crawlers finds it kind of slippery to crawl over URLs that have signs and symbols in it. Extraneous characters like “!@#$%^&*()” makes it increasingly difficult for Google crawlers to get your website and rank them well. So what does that tell you? Avoid them abi? That’s right, please do.

Research has further proven that not even 1% of URLs containing some element of these extraneous characters were among the first 100 pages that appeared in search result pages for various keywords tested across different industries.

If your CMS is automatically set to configure your URL to contain these extraneous characters, do kindly review them and remove options of adding these characters to increase your chances of ranking high on search engines.

url-length-website-rank-nigeriaURL Length

You know sometimes, we tend to overstuff our URL with keywords to ensure our ranks are improving but does this really help?

Hey there! It’s not until you press down, shaking together and run over those keywords on your URL that it ranks high. As a matter of fact, search engines have high tendencies to get irritated when they find a URL overstuffed with keywords.

On personal terms, I’d prefer we keep our URLs as short and clean as possible. This will help in shareability and search engines will be in love with it (depending on the quality and uniqueness). Though there are exceptions to this (like the number and quality of backlinks you have built over the years), but to a large extent, we should avoid heavy overuse of our keywords on URLs especially when blogging.

From analyzing 100 results from 1,000 keywords in different industries, research has proven that URLs that contain 35-40 characters dominate search listings.

keyword-url-web-design-firm-nigeriaKeywords Within URL
In clear cut terms and from proven research today, keywords within your URL are a declining factor for a high page rank in search result listings.

It’s important to make your URL as natural as possible but where it fits perfectly into what you’re trying to pass across please put your target keywords. The caution is not to allow Google to keep a suspicious frown at your website for over use of keywords that you’re targeting.

sub-folders-web-designer-nigeriaSub Folders
There are no proven red signs on having many sub-folders for your URL. But, from the usability standpoint, ensure visitors to your site don’t get confused with too long URLs. Your best bet is to keep it clean and short. There are no proven correlation between the number of subfolders and the positioning of the websites that rank high on search pages.

direct-traffic-best-web-design-nigeriaDirect Traffic
If you need direct traffic to your website, make sure you use short URLs. For instance if you hope to rank high in any industry, it is better to target that traffic directly to your home page other than directing it to a page in a subfolder. For example you could focus your direct traffic to “” instead of “” which is like two subfolders before the desired page.

In Summary

Avoid extraneous characters, use dashes instead of underscores, add appropriate keywords (where necessary –remember being natural is key); keep your URL clean and short as much as possible test and see your results.

Wish you the very best!

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