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Web Development: Tools You Can Use to Speed Up Process

Web DevelopmentWeb development is the process of taking your web page designs, visuals, mock ups in its ordinary form, state with the aid of preferred tools, technologies and translating, converting it to formats, languages that is compatible with the web or internet.

The word “process” is emphasized here because web development has a lot to do with breaking lump sums in bits and pieces. In this light, you will need knowledge of the fundamentals to be able to accomplish certain course of action as you move along developing pages for the web.

If you’ve been following the course thread, we talked earlier about designing your page visuals, mock up in CorelDraw and Photoshop.

You will agree with me that there many tools these days to choose from in building your website within a twinkle of an eye.

YES! In less than 4 minutes, you can have a website.

REALLY, you can!

You can actually jump into web development with these tools, but from my experience, there are a lot you need to know to avoid messing things up.

I like to see website development in the light of these two analogies:

  1. Driving an automatic car
  2. Driving a manual car

I will shed more light on this much later in this post.

Follow me.

Sometimes I get bothered if website design companies and web designers especially in Nigeria won’t go out of business some day due to the heavy influx of online web development tools that keeps increasing by the day.

REALLY! It could be a worrying trend.

In this blog post (and video introducing my favourite professional web development tool), we’ll consider some web development tools out there and ofcourse we’ll consider what professionals use and why.

Now before we go any further and as earlier mentioned…

Web development is the process of taking your web design showing the architecture of your website and making it compatible with what the web understands.

There are certain languages the web understands.

Just hang in there we’ll talk about this in a jiffy.

Like I tell my trainees, web design and development is not like graphic design where it all ends with the reproduction of your designs. You need to take a step further to make those awesome designs compatible with what the web understands.

Now what are the languages the web understands?

They are HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY (simplified version of JAVASCRIPT), PHP, MYSQL and the list goes on.

Front-end & Back-end Web Development
Okay, lest I forget, web development is categorized in two major areas as mentioned above so I don’t get repetitive abi?

What is Front-end Web Development?
Well, I am no island in all this so let us bring one of Nigeria’s best front-end web developers to get us a practical, hands-on definition:

Omeiza Owuda defines front-end development as writing codes that executes visual designs (what people can see) and interactions with web pages or softwares. These codes are usually within the bracket of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Being a front-end developer involves writing standard compliant HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Nowadays, It is important to also learn and be comfortable with a back-end language like PHP, Ruby, or Python.

What is Back-end Development?
Common, let us be fair.

We will also need some of Nigeria’s great minds in Back-end web development to help us out.

Here’s how Omoba of Web Academy, Lagos, describes web development.

“These websites could be very tedious for a regular programmer to create because they demand core computer logical reasoning – out-of-the world reasoning which is the ability to think like a computer itself.”

That said, let’s take a quick analogy.

Analogy to Web Development Approaches
Now, let me describe my analogy as I stated earlier.

When some people say they can drive, I’m very quick to ask them: “Can you drive both manual and automatic vehicle?

Some people’s reply are in the affirmative.

For others that are not, I simply tell them that they are not full drivers yet.


Now let’s see the relationship before I answer that.

Driving An Automatic Car
You see if you can only use all these web development tools/technologies that floods the internet today (likened to only knowing how to drive an automatic car) without understanding, atleast some basic web coding languages (knowing how to drive a shift-stick vehicle), you are incapacitated or limited or your hands are tied.

You are limited, constrained to the possibilities you can explore with your web development projects –even with the so called “automatic” tools.

If, in any case, there’s even an emergency and the only vehicle available is a shift-stick manual transmission type vehicle, what are you going to do?

Having Known How To Drive Manual, Do I Need To Learn with an Auto Car?

Apart from getting conversant with some basics on an automatic vehicle, the answer is NO –you don’t need to really go learn how to drive one

You have control already that’s what you majorly need

Back to fulfilling my promise about not being a Pro Driver
You are not a complete driver if you only know how to drive an automatic transmission vehicle.

I started learning how to drive with a manual transmission car.

The process was quite tough for me.

From being conscious of the fact that the gear must be in neutral (disengaged) before kick-starting the vehicle; to ensuring my hand brakes were up at a static/park position; to making sure I gradually lifted my left leg, slowly, calculatively from the clutch pedal while “matching” the accelerator pedal slowly also at the same time and getting full control of the steer wheel as I moved gradually from a static or stop position, were among the demanding learning curve driving a manual car.

All these I learnt with fear and trembling not to make a mistake of bashing or scratching.


I was learning with a friend’s elder brother’s car.

His name?

Osemhen Omelime. Where you at?

So you see my situation.

But then the lessons were clear.

You need undiluted concentration to drive a manual vehicle.

You need to build confidence, consciousness and gain control while doing many things at the same time (which also includes looking out to also avoid traffic force officers from detecting and catching you) – all these driving one vehicle.

Hmmmm…na wa o!

Later on in life, my first car would be a shift-stick transmission type. Though I had learnt how to drive years back, I had to go get more brush-up lessons –more like a refresher course abi?


I did not know anything again because I wasn’t opportuned to drive on a regular basis after I learnt the first time years ago.

You wouldn’t even dare drive my father’s car –you’d be finished in no time.

Dear Pops, Rest in Peace!

So who did I learn from again this time?
From a friend again (this guy you no want make driving school people make money).

Well, I caught up quite fast and couldn’t just wait to start cruising town.

You know what?

In the process, I got the gear wrecked.

Lesson learnt. Price paid. Abi?

Did I need to learn how to drive an automatic car?

Absolutely NO!

Other than getting myself acquainted with the automatic drive system, I didn’t need any other thing.

In learning how to drive a manual car, I had gained confidence, concentration and control.

So, there goes your answer.

Okay then!

This is the first installment of this series.

The concluding part + VIDEO comes up tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

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