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2015 in Review & My 2016 Goals

Well let me take a little time to reminisce on what went well and what did not for 2015.

2016 Web Designer's Goal in Nigeria Let me be pointblank here, I didn’t achieve most things I set out to achieve because I became unnecessarily human and was just filled with procrastination. I lacked the will because I got really discouraged by a lot of things that happened (internally and externally) that stalled resources I planned to use for most of the things I set out to do. Really I almost got confused because I had too many things I set out and couldn’t simplify my process.

First, How did I fare in 2015: What Went Well?
Handful of Trainees
This year was quite remarkable as regards the number of people I got for training. I just focused my time on training them (graphic design majorly). It was time for me also to upgrade the content I had. I had to take that time to expand the course and make it much better.

2nd Edition of Pro Website Design Handbook: The CorelDraw Approach
I started work on the second edition already. It’s quite demanding doing a technical book that involves you writing, shooting videos, editing them and also designing the hard copy -It’s really an awesome work -very, very demanding.

Additionally, I was also extending the scope of the book to cover online marketing I guess that was what really slowed me down. I had to be sure of the current trends before producing the guide.

Sales, Marketing Campaign for Nurturedscills
We stared out some trickles of marketing work around the area and got quite some organization interested. I couldn’t do any serious sales and marketing campaign for my company, Nurturedscills, or myself.

Nurturedscills Website’s Responsive
I was able to conclude with the redesign of Nurturedscills website and I am proud that it is now mobile friendly. Additionally the new sales page for the second edition of the book also has been redesigned -WATCH OUT!.

What Didn’t Go Well?
My writing streak took a downward trend because I got discouraged because of hopes that were dashed on the expectation I had regarding results I anticipated -Anyways, it’s all well and good.

My 2016 Goals
By the Grace of God, GoG, I hope to round off the second edition of my book and launch before the end of the first quarter. The next thing for me is marketing and promotion and that’s what I hope to do for the major part of 2016 -so help me God.

In conclusion, I think it’s still very important to count our blessings and name them one by one because indeed it will surprise us what the Lord has done.

May God bless all our efforts, plans and goals in Jesus name.
Keep you posted!
Talk later.

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