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This Week’s Magazine Cover Design

Falling on the lap of one of our very finest writers, fresh from an International Writers’ Residency in Iseyin, Oyo state, Nehru Odeh, this week’s cover story with the headline, ‘Marital Violence And The Secret Pains of Victims’ was quite an interesting one for the creative team.

Before the editorial meeting came to an end, we already had a suggestion from our Editor-in-Chief on which way to go about illustrating the cover. He suggested we organized a shot involving a physical combat between a man (acting as the husband) and a woman (the wife). Quite a lot of people were quite reluctant in volunteering for this exercise but we later got some assistance from two people. This was a relieving bail out. Our photo-journalist took over from there. Apart from this arrangement, we also had in mind to also check out some relevant stuff online to give us a broader view and to further inspire us. We got quite some stuff that we used for some options. Some of the online photographs were also merged with the shots that our photographers supplied us.

For the cover that was approved, the best picture to use was first sorted. The photograph was then retouched properly ensuring clarity and high definition in Adobe Photoshop. For this specific approved cover, we had to trace out the subject from its original background and looked for a home setting scene where we placed the image appropriately. We then superimposed an image we got from the internet on it. In total we had three images on the front cover including the background image of the home setting; the main subject in physical combat and the image of the crying lady reflecting on the pains she incurred after the fight. All these elements were assembled in Coreldraw and after approval was exported as a jpeg file and later placed in its final destination – Adobe Indesign.

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