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The Fund Challenge, The Father’s Carriage

The next thing after the office space opportunity was getting money to pay. As I mentioned earlier, I left my place of work with virtually nothing. The office space was not an opportunity I was going to let go just like that. This to me, was a great challenge but for the Heavenly Father to carry. Immediately I concluded with the agents that gave me a time frame, I set out in prayers seeking God’s assistance. I called friends, relatives, family members to solicit financial help.

The most encouraging part of the whole deal was that even when some did not have money to give, they were really quite willing to help. I got help from home and abroad. My younger brother abroad gave me two options: change of car or the office space opportunity. Your option is as good as mine. I told him to forget the change of car I earlier requested from him. I had talked about my brother in an earlier blog post I put up here. He is one of my greatest pal. Apart from the financial assistance God used him for me, he is such a great moral, professional and career support. I am yet to meet someone that believes in me so much. After I had sent an ‘SOS’ email to him, he immediately replied and said he would send something reasonable to me. He did. And Boy! That really went a long way in helping me sort out the rent for the office. I also got financial assistance from my sisters. With the deadline I gave from the agents, I got great, prompt responses with encouraging words as a total package from my elder sisters. I am so grateful to God for having such a wonderful and supportive family.

One of the greatest thing I knew that seemed like a coincidence (but was “coinciGod”) was the fact that my investments in my club I had been processing for close to three years, just about materialized the same time I needed money critically. God wasn’t going to allow me be put to shame. He made everything beautiful in HIS TIME. And indeed it was really beautiful in HIS TIME. It just seemed God worked out everything: from the sudden job loss; no gratuity or severance package (what! Did I just mention gratuity? Not even my basic arrears was paid; the office space opportunity; fund challenge and God’s provision. I was able to pull all the money together and pay for the office space and had some for improvements, furniture and purchase of some equipment.
This was how the journey started.
You can start from the beginning if you’re interested in my story.

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