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Starting out sending proposals

Since I had made up my mind to kick start on my own, I had to develop a plan to move. I had a colour printer at my small home office so I decided to write letters of introduction and proposals to organizations around. My plan was to ensure I got atleast one contact person on my first visit. This was how I got started.

My Opportunities: I had the chance of building my confidence reaching out to new prospects. Though quite a lot said they already either had somebody or a firm handling their branding concerns, I wasn’t discouraged by this. It was all well and good to have an opportunity of talking to a prospect and knowing if they had need for my services. The ability to overcome the fear of rejection was also something worth experiencing and overcoming. The maximum they could do was say yes, no or wait, I thought. The manners didn’t matter, the lesson did.

My Challenges: As at the time of prospecting, my most greatest problem was having access to the right people directly in charge of what I planned to present.

My Strategy: With time, I decided I would still do a revisit. This time in a more informed manner to my prospects. Informed questions will be asked as relates to what they really need in the area of branding. This would be a continuous thing.

Start from the beginning

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