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Social Media Influence on Your Website

Add Social Media to Your WebsiteSince the advent of the era of social media, businesses have indeed redefined the way they do business.

Everybody wants to be sociable –individuals, celebrities, small enterprises, big corporate bodies, government functionaries, non-governmental and even religious bodies are not left out of embracing the power of social media.


Okay let’s quickly consider some points

Everybody wants to be sociable –individuals, celebrities, small enterprises, big corporate bodies, government functionaries, non-governmental and even religious bodies are not left out of embracing the power of social media.

Important Point 1:
All around the web, the case for how your websites rank has drastically changederemphasized.

The way you rank in the “olden days” is no more valid these days because there are so much “Police checkpoints” on the road to getting higher rankings.

So as natural as it is, Search Engines, especially the almighty Google, seeks to show the BEST pages to users for any given query or search term or keyword they input in Google’s search console.

With that point taken and established, let’s quickly consider something else.

One of the ways, search engines goes about its work is to check out social media integration, interaction and authentication on that particular website’s content.

This social media buzz will answer the following:

Is the story useful, valuable to real-time users? Are real live people (not robots or automation gimmicks) taking the message seriously? Are they sharing it with their friends?

Are they giving content an up vote?

All these counts these days to further endorse your content in the eyes of search engines.

And wait a minute.

There is a disclaimer.

It’s not just enough to incorporate social media on your website. You will definitely need to provide value and make it as active, REAL (you those CAPS? I had them locked) and interactive as possible.

Important Point 2:
Matt Cutts of Google once released a video clearing the air that social signals from social media websites which indicates a profile’s authority and influence, do not affect search rankings.


Hey, before you blow out carrying placards shouting: “we no go gree”

Guess what?

This came after a video published in December 2010, where he, Cutts, himself said that social signals were a factor in ranking.

He further said that Google sees all these social media platforms like any other websites and crawls it normally.

Despite all this back-and-forth hullabaloo, Neil Patel, SEO expert and founder of Quicksprout, recently urged marketers not to discount social’s impact on SEO too quickly; he thinks that social is the new SEO, and his argument is pretty convincing.

But this is the take here.

Part of Google’s ranking criteria is backlinks from authoritative websites and Oh! How authoritative are these social media websites when it comes to domain and page authority, page rank and all other important pre-requisites relevant to help your website rank reasonably.


Whether Google uses social media signals or not, getting your website integrated with such social media platforms gives you high quality backlinks (provided it’s a “do-follow” link) that would naturally help your website rank reasonably.

Important Point 3:
In an article tagged “Why Social Is New SEO” Neil Patel stresses the importance of social media as a valuable channel for promotion, content, distribution, virality and sharing.

In clear terms, you could actually forget about search engines, completely focus on social media strategies for promotion, and still get your desired results.

The main catch here is all about strategy –the right one at that.

In my marketing campaigns, I’ve tried a couple of social media strategies that actually worked and is still working.

Important Point 4:
Search consoles are integrated into virtually all the social media websites making them a powerful source of search just like Google isn’t the only search engine out there. For your info, we also have Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL and quite a couple other search engines that offer great search results for whatever you’re looking for.

According to how Neil puts, Social is a search engine too.

Social is the new SEO because social networks themselves function as powerful and widely-used search engines in their own right.

Here are the big social search engines and their search capabilities.

YouTube is a video sharing site. Get that: sharing. It’s social. If you’re not using YouTube, then you’re neglecting a valuable source of search traffic. Even if that traffic doesn’t end up on your homepage, it’s still enhancing your social presence.

Facebook has a highly developed search engine. Facebook’s people search feature allows you to tweak your search settings to find individuals that you may know.

This is a critical source of searched information because it taps directly into people’s pursuit of human relationships.

Facebook’s search bar allows instant search on any topic, organization, individual, or idea. And all of this has no connection to Google whatsoever.

Twitter is a search engine too. A big one. Twitter search is delivering Twitter-only results. In order to rank on these Twitter search results, you’ve got to:

Tweet about the hot topics.

Tweet using hashtags.

Tweet regularly.

Google+ is probably the paramount social network for the new social SEO and it’ll will continue to expand its impact upon search, giving ever-more credence to the statement “social is the new SEO.” Google crawls and indexes some social pages

So, maybe the number of your followers doesn’t matter to the algorithm. But still, the content on social pages is indexed.

Your social pages matter to Google –forget whatever controversial stuff’s out there.

For example, the World Wildlife Fund has its Facebook account listed on the first page of Google for the queries “World Wildlife Fund” and “Wildlife Fund.”

If you Google a particular brand name, there are tendencies you’ll see their social pages pop up (if they have any) in search engine result pages, SERPs.

Important Point 5:

There are is no doubts that social network sites like Facebook and Twitter are the leaders in driving heavy traffic to websites all around the world.

An online research proves that there are over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users (Facebook MAUs) worldwide. This is a 17 percent increase year over year.

In Nigeria, amazingly, 16 million people in Africa’s most populous country visit the social media platform every month.

Imagine that market!

To say the least? It’s HUGE!

It is no surprise then that a lot of websites are linked to Facebook (with its teeming population that continues to soar every minute) to reach its target audience who may naturally not visit their sites directly.

What’s the idea you ask?

If people won’t naturally visit your website for whatever reason(s), I guess it will be in place to go meet them where they hangout.

Some put it this way: If mountain won’t come to Moses, then Moses will go to mountain.

I guess you get the drift here.

In simple terms, people get to Facebook (where their friends, families are) first before they get linked on to sites that interest them.

Creating customized Facebook fan pages for individuals and corporate bodies promotes their online marketing and sales drive. On our online course launching soon, we teach you how to create custom Facebook fan page to boost your social media marketing drive.

In Rounding Off
It’s important you take position in as much social media platforms as you can to boost your websites authenticity; promote your brand; sell your products, services and promote your valuable content on a consistent basis. With time, you will see great results if you do it right.

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