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Rest? History! Feels Good Being An Entrepreneur:

Somewhere in my mind I knew I could be a successful entrepreneur, I just needed to overcome my fears, weaknesses and take the bull by the horn. Now am in the game and it really feels good living your dreams. The feeling cannot be explained but experienced.

Being an entrepreneur is not something that you read up on any book. Just like you cannot learn to ride a bicycle by reading, you can’t learn anything from being an entrepreneur until you actually start by running your own business.

Make up your mind today if you feel led to start your own business. I am careful with my choice of words here: “IF YOU FEEL LED.” Not all of us will be entrepreneurs right, but if your heart is strong with a powerful vision, goal and mission for this generation, please spring forth fast. The world earnestly awaits your manifestation.

If you’re convinced but still procrastinating, ask yourself: Are you going to run some other people’s business(es) at the expense of yours? How long more are you going to be bringing other people’s dreams to reality at the expense of yours? When will you action your dream of starting your own business? In all these give yourself time to plan your exit – and please plan very well and in clear details.

Forget the fear of the unknown. In the real sense, when you face your fears and confront them, you simply find out that they (the fears) were not even there in the very first place. They were just False Evidence Appearing Real, FEAR. Fear is just a mirage that prevents and drains you of pursuing your dreams. Be courageous. Courage is defined as acting in the face of fear. If you take away fear from the meaning of courage, it loses its grit. Just take time to plan your exit before you’re exited.

The feeling I have now is more of fulfillment. A fulfillment of my pledge to do what I really longed for – a strong desire to heed to a divine calling, a higher calling. To experience the freedom of my soul, spirit and body. The reality that I am conscious now that my heart belongs to me and not to any man or employer is a very great thing to experience. It’s just like a slave set free or a prisoner let loose. The fact that I am not subjected to anybody but have the freedom of expression and an avenue to contribute my quota to humanity is great joy for me. These are very important things to me other than a life of just living to make ends meet and holding unto a job (Just Over Broke).

My company’s mission statement is to enliven worth in the individual by producing quality and innovative brands. I believe every human being created by God deserves the best. There is worth in every human created by the Supreme God, the Everlasting Father of light. People deserve quality that was why God created them and said “it is good.” In this part of the world I live, there are a lot of compromise on quality, innovation and value on human life. Nigeria seems to be a dumping ground for just about anything. Standards, morals, quality have faded in thin air. I believe in the dream for a new Nigeria. I believe in value for human life. I am dedicating my life to see that every human deserves to hold something that would make them feel worthy as God’s special creation. This is my dream and what I am out to do, I welcome you to be a part of it. Yes I am in the journey already and YES I CAN MAKE IT! I strongly believe. Time will tell.
Thank you for reading till the end. And if you saw only this, you can start from the beginning of my story. God bless!

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