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Nigerian Bank Build Website In Facebook

Dr. Anderson Uvie-Emegbo of Adjunct Faculty Digital Media, Pan African University, Lagos Southwest Nigeria during his seminar tagged “Your Brand in the Digital Space” asked us why we thought Guaranty Trust Bank built a very strong presence on Facebook? After a breeze of thought ramblings, I answered that a lot of people hang out on Facebook and instead of driving people to their website, the idea would be to meet them where they spent more of their time –Facebook. It would be easier to get them in Facebook and link up to their website than telling them about their website directly –who will care?

gtbank-nigeria-facebook-website-designSome years back, nobody would ever think opening a bank account in the comfort of your home or anywhere you find yourself with even your mobile phone would ever be possible. Today, it’s a reality brought to us by one of Nigeria’s fastest growing bank that strongly capitalizes on the technology of our present age. It is fast and very convenient and it was pioneered by GTBank.

GTBank is now officially making use of Facebook (a social media platform) as one of its platforms for opening an account. A customer would be able to initiate the process involved in opening an account with them by making use of Facebook.

gtbank-nigeria-facebook-web-designWhy Facebook? Well Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites not just in Nigeria but the world over. It’s no news that millions of Nigerians are registered on it. It only makes sense that a bank like GTBank should ride on that platform and connect with people on a different level.

It is not a complete process for opening an account with GTBank though, but it allows you to first initiate the process in order to save you time associated with opening an account and also let you know what you need to do even before reaching the bank’s branch. This is quite a commendable innovation.

You can initiate the opening of an account as a student, worker, business man or even company on GTBank’s Facebook business page and although you will have to complete the process by visiting the bank, it sure saves you some time.

You not only open an account through their Facebook business page, but you can also get your account balance, login to their social banking portal, ask questions, know about coming events, watch videos, sign up to Ndani, know their top fans and get live stream among other exciting things. All these have driven their likes to over 2million and over 9,000 visits every single day –that’s a milestone achievement. Hey don’t get too excited yet. If you check at the top right hand corner, you will see that the Guaranty Trust Bank page has taken close to 20 years to achieve this feat. So what does that tell you? It’ll take time, just be consistent with value offering.

Guaranty Trust Bank online presence in Nigeria

Perception could be the key thing here. Based on what I’ve been seeing and hearing about them, I just felt that Guaranty Trust Bank was just about the best bank for our company when we wanted to open an account because we would need a lot of their products and online experience in Nigeria.

One of the bank’s impressed customer shared an email sent to him by the bank on an online forum. His impression about the email further endorsed the bank as being proactive. This bank capitalized on the information or rather directive from the central bank to quickly introduce their products and services to help ease both individual and corporate transactions. To him, this was a very commendable move by the bank and he was indeed impressed.

SME Market Hub

The SME market Hub of the bank was created by the bank to help small business showcase their products and services. It also has features that enable online payment processing.

gtbank-nigeria-facebook-web-design-2GTBank Managing Director, Segun Agbaje said that the SME Market Hub will provide entrepreneurs with a platform that will help them create and maintain their online presence and expand their business frontiers to new markets and millions of buyers that are online. He said that the platform will also create a community that will allow them to build meaningful and sustainable relationships with other business owners.

According to Lola Odedina, GTB General Manager and Group Head, Communications and External Affairs noted that currently, there are about 5,200 entrepreneurs that have registered and begun transactions on the platform. According to her, the platform features include a free webpage with e-commerce tools; a unique website address; personalized online storefront; shopping cart with no consignment fee; online payment gateway; inventory management tools; order and enquiry notifications; and messaging service and membership within the SME Market Hub directory.

Frost and Sullivan, an American firm that specializes in Market research and analysis, Corporate Training, growth strategy consulting last year gave the 2014 Product Leader Award to the bank for the robust value they offer SMEs in Nigeria. Research has it that 96% of Nigerian businesses are SMEs.

What does the bank stand for?
Is it convenience, speed, efficiency and (or) effectiveness? What exactly? From our little study we see clearly that the bank wants to help and are fashioning products and services in response to the need of its teeming customers.

I also feel strongly that the bank is also pushing people to embrace possibilities of our digital age because, on the long term, it would pay off.

Facebook Personal & Business Page: Which is appropriate?
When I started out with social media, it was with Facebook then later Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube etc. And all were personal. As my excitement, interest grew using the platform, it got to the extent that most of the things shared were not adding any form of value to me so I decided to shift to a business page. But the mistake I did was that I was still using my name instead of the company’s (Nurturedscills).

What I would have done was just to keep the personal page and create a business page that would be administered by my personal page. Well the mistake has been made and the next thing for me now is strategy. Why am I in Facebook? Would my presence afford a better platform for me to be better? Would I use it for both personal and business promotion?

That’s the question most Nigerian businesses that find themselves in the digital space ought to be asking.

Sanitize Timeline
On the flip side also, I’ve been able to clean up my timeline and free up more productive time to concentrate on high value tasks. Social media can be time consuming so if you’re going to be spending so much time there, it ought to be for something valuable to you.

Some Little Tip For You
If you’re decided on using Facebook, here are some keywords to USE:
post, when, warns, where, inspires, discount, should, submit, would, take, tell us, comment, amuses, deals.

If you’re running a contest use: winner, win, winning, events.
AVOID: contest, promotion, sweepstakes, and coupon.

If you’re in need of a branded Facebook page, you can talk to us…

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