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Our Website Design Process

We listen to you. We need to first understand you, your organization and then proceed to get a detailed brief. The brief lights up our mind to what your dearest passion and vision is and how we want to help you achieve that. On our first visit we seek primarily to know your vision and if given the privilege, share ours with you. Immediately we want to do something (it could be a website design or redesign, logo design or corporate brand identity or a graphic design THAT COMMUNICATES) for you to help enliven the vision in the hearts of the entire workforce be it for your  and also to help achieve corporate goals. We make one request: call on us anytime you need an incorporation of your vision into any related service we offer and call any other when you don’t. A reflection of the strategy to be adopted in the individual system stated above to achieve the best result tailored to satisfy the needs of the targeted client. We take conscious steps to study the needs and the brief of the client and come up with a tailored website design or an advertising/promotional proposal that would meet the dear needs of the organization as a whole. We all recognize that we do not just wake up with an idea that we impose on the client (no matter how “breath-taking” it might be) without first understanding the vision, needs, goals and objectives of the organization or a particular project at stake. We want to be a part of making that dream a reality. Yes, we have to at least make strong research and come with a concept that best suits your purpose. We require time for this.

In summary, the process starts from getting the client’s brief clear. As professionals we have a pledge to listen with our hearts open. The second stage is conceptualization. Here we go into deep thinking, research and brainstorming sessions. We have to get into the very heart of the individual or organization and bring out the key concept around which the website would be built. We ask ourselves what is the very one thing very dear to this person or to this organization? The moment we get it, we are good to go.  The next phase is Design and Layout. This typically shows the beautiful placement of graphic elements within the website. Usually we start and perfect the home (index) page and one inner page to show how the inside web pages would look like. The next stage is to get the client to make revisions (usually limited to two). After a clean design emerges from this stage, the client’s approval is soughted. After approval, the next step is to start the development (popularly called coding). Development could also lead to extention of the website to include a content management system, CMS, like WordPress. Finally the website is managed and secured from hackers.

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