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How To Create A Website in Nigeria 2019 (In Minutes With Just 3 Simple, Fast & Easy Steps)

Do you want to learn how to create a website free of cost of hiring a web designer or a website design company in Nigeria?

How To Create A Website

In this post, I will show you EXACTLY how to create a website in Nigeria with just three simple, fast and easy steps.

Infact, this is the exact process I use in creating awesome websites that clients love.

(Nothing hidden:)


As a huge BONUS, I will be giving away my website design book for FREE right here at the end of this post.

If you want to go a bit further than this guide offers, my book will teach you how to create a website from scratch using HTML, CSS and JQUERY.


You will also learn how to earn income from your website by attracting buying audience – not OSHO-FREE PEOPLE LOL.

The best part?

You’ll learn how to do all this by yourself – call it DIY if you like.

Before I go any further, let me quickly outline my 3 simple steps to create a website:

  1. Choose a Domain Name and Hosting
  2. Install WordPress (A Content Management System)
  3. Customize Your WordPress Website
  4. BONUS: Learn how to Create a Website from Scratch Using HTML, CSS and JQUERY (FREE ebook in pdf)

Let’s move quickly:


To get started, follow this link. This will take us to where we can quickly register our domain. (As seen below)01-reg-domain_s.jpgOn the form quickly search for your desired domain.

(NB: If for any reason you can’t get here, just click here)

In our case, we’re searching for “”


After that enter the code supplied on the captcha dialogue.

If our domain name is available, it quickly pops up, but if not, we will need to either add something extra to the domain or explore other extensions (e.g. instead of “.com”, we could add “.net, .biz, .org etc”)

Click on search button.

Our “” domain is available.


Next thing for us to do now is to purchase the domain by paying for it.

So click on “Add to cart” and then CHECKOUT.

This quickly informs you that you don’t have a hosting package attached to your domain.

Now you have two options for this:

1. Get in touch with me for a hosting (I have a reseller plan) OR

2. Just simply purchase a hosting package on this platform that will meet your needs.

Scroll down and click on CONTINUE.

After this time, you will be taken to REVIEW & CHECKOUT which gives you your order summary

Click on CHECKOUT which prompts you to fill out a form…


Quickly fill out form.

The next step here is to pay for your domain and of course, hosting.

You have 3 options:

1. Bank Deposit

2. Bank Transfer &

3. ATM Card

After you pay, you will be sent an email with login details to your new website which will be required in the next step…


WordPress is popular amongst small and big business owners, bloggers, journalists and digital marketers in Nigeria today.

Research holds that WordPress has a major market share in the industry.

After the email with your CONTROL PANEL (CPANEL) LOGIN details, head over to your website (Remember our domain,, is just fictitious)

For demonstration purposes, we are using (an existing domain)

  1. Pop up your details from your email and head over to your cpanel login using details sent to you via email. 02-fictitious-dogfoodng_s.jpg
  2. You will be prompted to input your username and password. 02-enter-cpanel-login-details_s.jpg
  3. Do that right away, click on LOG IN and you will be taken to your cpanel home page.
  4. Quickly head over to Softaculous Apps Installer. 02-softaculous_s.jpg
  5. Locate and click on WordPress and proceed with instructions to install the app. 02-wordpress_s.jpgIn installing WordPress, it’s important to note that the application can be installed in two ways:1. On the floor of your domain or2. In a Directory you specify.02-worpress-floor-directory_s.jpgFor our lesson, we have installed WordPress in a directory we called “dogfoodng”Fill out the required fields for the WordPress installation with relevant informationFinally, before clicking on INSTALL button, enter your preferred email address where details of WordPress installation will be sent.

After installation, a page shows up indicating that WordPress was installed successfully and gives two links to view your WordPress website and to log into your WordPress Admin.


You want to try out seeing how your website looks like with WordPress 2019 default theme.

Again, you want to try to log into your WordPress website through admin and explore world’s most preferred content management system.

After you’re done, you may want to logout


Finally we want to customize our WordPress website to look unique and professional in some way.

To Start customizing your website fast and easy, you will need to log back in with details you inputted when installing WordPress from Softaculous Apps Installer while we were at the Control Panel. 03-log-back_s.jpg

Install New Theme called ASTRA
While logged into WordPress dashboard, head over to Appearance>>Themes03-appearance-theme_s.jpgWhile at themes, you will see already installed themes for your immediate use.03-installed-themes_s.jpg


You will also see the current theme (Twenty Nineteen) activated for our website.

However, we are not interested in the 3 themes installed so we are going to install a new theme.

Still under Themes, head over to ADD NEW

In the search bar to your right, type in ASTRA and go ahead and install then activate theme


Our next action under this step is to install a plug-in.

Plug-ins extends the capacity of applications.

In this case, we are extending the default capacity of our theme in WordPress to do beyond the ordinary

This will enable you choose from a variety of websites to customize from.

The websites come in form of a Joint Package.

Of course When I say joint package you’d wonder where my mind races.

Okay, I’ll explain briefly.

Remember Joint Demand in Economics?

Joint demands are products you buy that come with other packages.

For instance when you buy a car, you’d need to buy fuel/gas to run the car. If the tyres are bad, you’d need to purchase and replace the bad tyres if you don’t want to have a hard time with law officials on the road.

In the same vein, these ASTRA Websites comes with a total website package: Home, About, Services Gallery, Contact Form etc. Everything you need to get your website (in its entirety) up and running (LIVE).

Now, lets move:

Head over to the dashboard and locate PLUGINS and click on ADD NEW


Move over to the search field and enter ASTRA STARTER SITES

Once it shows up, install and activate the ASTRA STARTER SITES plugin.


Our next step is to install a Page Builder.

A Page builder enables you to handle web applications like your regular graphic applications.

Some choose to call page builders a “drag and drop” tool.

This plugin enables you tailor your website without need to see any line of code.

It makes you treat web package like your regular graphic design package.

That’s really cool.

Remember our goal is to build a website fast and easy without seeing any form of code (which will start giving us headache abi?)

So we move ahead and choose ELEMENTOR.


Astra Starter Sites plugin displays many ready to use templates (some free, some premium).

You could easily choose anyone that suits your need and then proceed to customize it the way you like.

Import your site of choice into WordPress (it takes a couple of minutes)


After importing, view site and see how your new site template looks like


In one word:


Now the next action under this step is to start customizing to suit our needs.

How do we customize?

Head back up on your current page and locate EDIT WITH ELEMENTOR


Elementor is a powerful modern page builder or drag and drop tool you can use to easily tailor your WordPress website to look exactly the way you like.

In our case, we will use tool to quickly see how we can edit text, images to suit what we want.

In the ELEMENTOR mode, on the home page, start changing text and other web properties

Change all text by simply clicking on text with cursor

Change images by simply clicking on icon and the top right corner of the image.

It is important to note that ELEMENTOR controls elements within the body section of your web page.


A basic WordPress web page is configured in three different sections as outlined below:

1. Header section

2. Body Section

3. Footer Section


To edit elements within the header section, you will need to go off the ELEMENTOR area.

But before you exit the ELEMENTOR end, be sure to save changes by clicking on UPDATE at the bottom of ELEMENTOR tool bar.


Now, back to editing content within the HEADER section of our website.

After exiting the ELEMENTOR end, head over to APPEARANCE drop down and click on CUSTOMIZE


Here we will try to see how we can change the logo:



On the LOGO end click CHANGE LOGO button. This will quickly take you up to your website’s MEDIA LIBRARY page where you can choose and select your logo. The next step is that it will prompt you to crop logo (incase you want to cut anything off).


To save changes in this section, you will need to click on the PUBLISH button right at the top as shown below

After this feel free to change anything you like and you will be on your way to setting up your beautiful WordPress website in no time.


So that’s all it takes to build a website fast and easy with just 3 simple steps.

So what are you waiting for?

Jumpstart your online business today with an easy to create WordPress website right now.

Remember you can still achieve quite a lot this year with your website.

Here’s What To Do Next…

OK so I hope this guide helped show how you can create a website in Nigeria fast and east.

And if you want to take your game to the next level, I’ve got something very special for you.

I am back to fulfilling my promise:

Earlier in the article, I promised giving a FREEBIE.

It’s my Professional Website Design Handbook that shows you exact steps you need to take to create a unique, effective and profitable website from scratch right here in Nigeria.

Click on the freebie right here.

Fill the form with accurate information and in the “YOUR ENQUIRY” just put “I want to learn more about how to create unique, effective and profitable websites in Nigeria”

I will personally send you a link to download the ebook for FREE.

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