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Digital Marketing in Nigeria 2024: The Definitive Guide (11 Exclusive Tips That Works Today)

In this new comprehensive digital marketing guide, you’ll learn:
• Digital Marketing Basics
• Best Digital Marketing Tools for Great Results
• Social Media Marketing in Nigeria
• The Digital Marketer
• How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria
• Frequently Asked Question about Digital Marketing in Nigeria
• Advanced Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies that Works Today

This is a complete guide to digital marketing in Nigeria 2023.


If you want a completely free digital marketing guide in Nigeria that works, you would love this guide.



In this chapter I’ll cover the fundamentals of digital marketing in Nigeria.

First, you’ll learn exactly what digital marketing is (and why it’s important for your business today).

Second, I give a brief history of digital marketing in Nigeria.

Let’s go…

What is the Meaning of Digital Marketing?

As a popular customer relational marketing firm puts it….

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. This includes not only email, social media, and web-based advertising, but also text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Your Business Today?

Now, let’s quickly establish some fundamentals about world history and industrial revolution.

The world has transcended from monarchial to agrarian to industrial and now to information technology age.

Take a lil summary of what these economic ages represent at every phase of the human economic life:

Gravity Digital Blog explains importance of digital marketing for your online business.

Ability to quantify your data

A web presence, having a website and (or) a social media presence, is, today, an inevitable online marketing tool that offers insight into what users/visitors/prospects are truly searching for online.

You need to basically ask yourself some very key questions which would naturally inform your further actions or inaction.

What’s the volume of prospects visiting your website and for what specifically?

Where are these users, visitors, prospects coming from?

Is your traffic organic or through paid advertising (Google, Youtube, Tick-tok or other Social media sites)?

How do you monitor these metrics for optimal results?

All these information helps you make targeted marketing decisions for optimal results for your online business.


Digital marketing has opened up the arena of marketing to smaller and medium-sized firms the world over, putting them onto a level playing field with bigger corporations.


Affordability ofcourse. For example, Facebook advertising through ad campaign tools such as ‘boost posts’ costs as little as N2,000 (Two thousand naira only) and can be directed at a specific group of people.

Facebook advertising billing

In clear essence, it is far more cheaper for you to reach more and more people through digital marketing that are most likely to patronize you than using the traditional means of marketing one of this is by flooding the whole streets, nooks and cranies with flyers that most times end up in the trash.

Quite painful sha!

Let’s keep our environment clean please…. LOL!


With digital marketing, you can also get your message out there in the world far quicker than lightning….

Guess I exaggerated!

With the right strategy, you can get results almost immediately.

I am not bluffing.

These are things I’ve done practically and seen great results.



Digital marketing brings a dynamic edge to how you promote yourself in a fast-paced today’s world.

Interactive engagement is one huge twist digital marketing has brought when compared to its traditional marketing means of communication.

A couple times, I get clients send me direct message on Whatsapp making further enquiries of my services.

This, in the real sense, is a goldmine if you’d know how to use such asset for further marketing purposes.

You can, almost immediately, converse with your prospective and current customers, answer questions and resolve issues.

You can also interact with a wider audience, meaning you can do more than just sell…but also educate your prospective buyers, patriots.

You can seek opinions and carry out market research to further inform your marketing decisions.

You can also seek out collaborations or campaign for subcontractors or the professional opinions of your peers on project work too.

By getting your audience to share your products, services, you can increase your visibility which would naturally speak well for your profile, build trust and guarantee sales…ofcourse once trust is built, people naturally buy from you.

Engagement is a two-way sword.

Like one popular author penned: “you make more friends in two weeks getting interested in what others are doing than waiting for others to be interested in what you’re doing.

Without mincing words, digital marketing is extremely important to your business if you’d want to be relevant in the digital space of our today’s world.

Let’s take a little history.

Brief History of Digital Marketing in Nigeria

As narrated by an online blog, digital marketing in Nigeria started to come to the lime light in 2012 with the launching of the country’s ecommerce platforms like Jumia, Konga that transformed the way we buy stuffs.

There is no doubt that from that year 2012 onwards till date, growth within the digital economy in the country has been meteoric. As quoted by the article: “Various figures on the internet about Digital Marketing in Nigeria peg the growth at 25% to 40% on an annual basis.”

According to an article on Brandspurng answering the question…

Is There Enabling Environment for Digital Marketing in Nigeria?

Their answer…

“With increased Internet penetration in West Africa, access to the Internet leaped fourfold since 2007. Africa contributes 15% of worldwide Internet user populations with Nigeria contributing 28% of this population. With these statistics, there has never been a more appropriate time in the commercial history of West Africa and Nigeria in particular for organizations to harness the power and potential of Digital Marketing technologies.”

The Legit blog paints a graphical historic transition into the digital era of the Nigerian economy.

This infographic quickly gives you a summarized view of that “long thing.”

Infographic showing different phases of the transition of the Nigerian economy

Before I move to the next chapter that talks about tools you need for digital marketing in Nigeria, let me ask you something….

Have you ever done anything to market yourself online? If yes, that’s when your digital reality started.

For me… I started embracing, believing and experimenting in the digital marketing to promote my business, on a part-time basis though, somewhere around 2007 one year after I started working with a print media firm in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

It’s been an awesome journey ever since.

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Now let’s get into Digital Marketing tools.

There are free tools, yet there are professional premium tools.


Am not telling you to break the bank to get into digital marketing.

Am only going to reveal to you what worked for me using both. So fasten your seatbelts and let’s roll…

Category of Digital Marketing Tools

I will categorize the tools into three major areas:

  1. Digital Marketing Tools for Research
  2. Digital Marketing tools for Promotion

Tools for Research

Before stepping out into your journey of digital marketing, the interesting thing is that you could find out the type of results you’re expecting.

That’s the beauty of digital marketing.

The results typically fall under 4 categories an acronym I call “TRECC.”


Traffic, Relevance, Competition and Commerciality.

Our first research tool on the block is…

The Google Keyword Planner: This tool is under Google Adwords, a tool that quickly helps you spill out terms your potential clients are searching for. More specifically, you dig out terms, search terms that your potential customers are looking out for.

Google Keywords Planner


With the Google Keyword Planner tool, you can “discover new keywords” and also “get search volume and forecasts” for search terms you developed or that you deem relevant to your business.


For Nigerian online businesses looking for serious buyers, you’d be amazed at what this platform can do for you.

And hey…

Am not fantasizing here.

These are stuffs that I have personally tried out and it worked for my desired purpose.

Nairaland Platform

Google Trends

This is big deal.

I was searching out terms with high volume to write a blog post about when I decided to try out Google trends for search terms that Nigerians are looking for.

I was damn amazed at what I got.

You’d also be really surprised.

More concisely, Google Trends shows you topics, terms related to your business that are growing or gaining high interest.

It’s critical you look out for terms that are not just trending but long-lasting that could generate the desired result (continuously) for your online business.

Google Trends


This is a powerful research tool for your online business that helps with not only search terms your potential prospects are looking for, but also goes to the background to offer you what your competitors are doing to remain ahead of you.

It’s a powerful tool that also gives you insight into all the metrics and content that makes your competitor rank higher than you.

So, if you could get a sneak peek into the recipe of your competitor attracting all the people to their canteen, what would you do with it?

I wouldn’t want to guess right?


Tools for Promotion

Our next point of call is how to promote our researched ideas we generated (and ofcourse incorporated in our online business).

Under this purview, I shall talk about organic and paid marketing promotion options.

Let’s roll….

Organic marketing option actually entails you using white hat strategy to promote, gain traffic and visibility for your business. This is usually a slow and painstaking method, which, when done well, can have very lasting long-term positive marketing impact on your online business.

On the other hand, Inorganic or paid option involves you speeding up the process and getting almost immediate results. Ofcourse it’ll definitely cost you money.

So, let’s dive right in


Email Outreach

Email outreach is a relational marketing channel to get and keep in contact with your prospects and existing customers through email. In digital marketing, the target is to place your products and services and probably request patronage over a period of time. It could also be in conscious effort to establish an alliance with leaders in your industry.

Some email service providers you may need: Aweber, MailChimp and ConvertKit


What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is the practice of optimizing your web/mobile properties, website architecture and HTML code for search engines. This usually starts with website SEO that involves on-page and off-page optimization.

c. Digital Marketing on Social Media

Marketing on Social Media works.

The twist, ofcourse is if it is done correctly.

In fact, a recent blogger survey by Orbit Media found that 94% of businesses promote their stuff on social media.

d. Viral Content

Viral content is content that achieves a high level of awareness due to shares and exposure on social media networks, news websites, aggregators, email newsletters and search engines.

A single piece of viral content can generate significant amounts of brand awareness and traffic for your online business.


This aspect of digital marketing involves you employing tools, usually paid, to fasten the process of promoting your business online.

Talking about tools…

One of the very important tools you will need to get very valuable response from your target audience is Google AdWords.


Let me not over emphasize the importance of this tool.

I have mentioned it earlier, so if you’ll like, look it up.


Social media marketing is next, let’s dive right in…

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In this chapter, we look at what social media marketing is and why it is important when embracing digital marketing for your business.

Let’s get cracking…

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is employing interaction-based platforms on the digital space to promote your business, get more leads and more importantly, stay in close contact with your customers and prospects.


Why Is Social Media Marketing Important For Your Business?

At a special seminar some years ago in Lagos, I got the facilitator asking why most businesses are heavily, increasingly putting their presence on the social media space?

Opportune to answer, I said it’s because most people are on this space interacting with themselves and ordinarily, if people won’t come to your business via your website or other digital marketing strategy you may have in place, it only becomes natural that you take your business to them.

As the popular saying goes, “if Moses won’t come to the mountain, the mountain would go to Moses.”

Just do the little stretch required to get that result.

Opportunity Increase

Social media platforms presents immense opportunity for real user interactions which forms a vital pre-requisite for search engines that brings more and more visibility for your business.

Whatever industry you’re at, it’s critical to know, usually from research and tests, the best social media platform that gives you optimal results for your business.

For example and as earlier stated, a social media site like LinkedIn serves as a platform for professionals in the same or similar industry to connect, share and interact based on interest and other parameters.

Same with other social websites like Instagram, Facebook, Tick-tok, Youtube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram and so the list gets endless.

Just find what fits your business or industry; gives you the best desired results and stick to it.

Social SEO

It’s also important to note that social media sites today are progressively being transformed to search engine tools for users who have gotten great results on them.

Rather than go the regular Googling route, some social media stickons prefer to search for what they need right in their social media hangout.

This also throws up other opportunity for social media influencers who have, over time, proven to be great movers and shakers of their niche.

This increasing trend also offers opportunities to experts that tailor their talent to understand and harness these social media platforms to help businesses thrive on the digital space.

The Figures Show

An online article pointing ‘How Nigerian Businesses Can Boost Revenue With Social Media’ states Statista report shows powerful social media platforms like…

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube attract over
2 (two) billion daily active users worldwide.

No doubt…

It’s a huge figure.

Explore Merits

Exploring social media marketing helps to…

1. Drive Qualified Traffic to your Business

Qualified traffic is critical.


With social media like Facebook, for instance, has sophisticated algorithms where you can streamline your advert to meet certain specific requirements making it highly targeted for people that would find what you offer most appropriate to meet their needs rather than beating about the bush.

2. Seek Industry Influencers Help

In your industry, you’re not alone.

No doubt, in your niche, there would be people that have done well, having gone through challenges you’re most probably facing today.

It’s wisdom to get in touch with them and learn how they scaled through.

And above all…

Make specific request for your brand to be mentioned by these influencers – ensuring you’re offering mutually beneficial value in the relationship.

TIP: Studies reveal that 49% of consumers depend on influencers’ recommendations.

3. Consistency in Quality Content Generation

As a digital marketer, it’s not all about generating just about any content but differentiating yourself by delivering quality content that is heavily relevant, valuable to your audience within your specified time frame intervals.

It could be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.

However, it is, just get a medium where you can update your audience of current trends, new products, services and above all, how you can help their lives get better with what you have to offer.

In offering your valuable content, try to put some variety into the mix.


To project this, go beyond the usual media such as textual posts and images.

Try different media in offering your content on the digital space.

Explore infographics, animations, videos, memes, GIFs, charts, audio and as many media you can lay hands on.

4. Video Marketing a Priority

Research holds that more than 70% of users in the online space would rather watch a video about a product or service than consume a textual description.

This is a clear reflection of the fact that you need to explore marketing with high quality video content to increase your brand awareness, visibility and promotion.

Try as much as you can to get product reviews and testimonials in video format and upload such for your audience and prospects likewise.

To avoid the excuse, you can shoot high-quality (HD) video with your smart phone.

TIP: Apply Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) by producing or making your content 80%entertaining, inspirational or educative, while only 20% of content should have the intention of making a direct sale and inspire the audience to take advantage of an offer.

7. Tell Your Story

In a recent article focused on projecting your unique selling proposition, telling your unique brand story was one of the important point to consider in projecting your brand.

You see:

People love to read or listen to unique story.

Most people are AMEBO!

You invite them into your world by telling them something unique about yourself and your business.

And you know…

This arouses curiosity…

And as they say….

Curiosity kills the cat.

Storytelling is a powerful tool, strategy to bring your target audience close to the heart of your business.

To be successful in the social media space, you should tell stories that convinces your target audience of the vision, values and beliefs of your business.

8. Support User-created Content

Be it through an individual, brand supporters or big-name endorsers, we have seen the steady progress of client produced content on social media.

A digital marketer should encourage user-generated content of interest to them to arouse interest of the target audience.

9. Customer Care on Social Media

Nobody likes a bad review.

On the social space, businesses should strive to respond, asap, to customer complaints, cares, concerns, fears and question with almost immediate alacrity (where did I get this grammar from?) in order for them not to leave a bad experience as review.

Ofcourse we know that spells doom for the business.

Most Nigerian organizations are increasingly coming to the reality of utilizing social media for brand acceptance and generating business leads, sales and income.

In the next chapter, we shall cover who the digital marketer is and other expectations.

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The Digital Marketer

Who is a Digital Marketer?

The Digital Marketer is the professional that harnesses skills in creativity, critical thinking, branding, problem solving with digital tools in SEO, Social Media to achieve individual or corporate measurable marketing goals in the online space.

Digital Marketer Attributes

A Digital Marketer is required to have the following attributes:


The online space experiences a lot of technological disruptions always taking you off what you’re used to and stretching the limits for unbelievable possibilities.

The digital marketer must be very much willing to change with the trend of times as new technologies, algorithms, platforms, devices enter the online industry and are being embraced by the end users.

Linkedin, the worlds most preferred social media for professionals, in a recent survey, lists digital marketing as the top in-demand job.

No doubt, there’s been a paradigm shift since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Businesses have been increasing their digital marketing budgets drastically, creating endless opportunities for digital marketers that know what they’re doing.

Think Outside? No, Remove the Box!

The digital marketer must be able to stretch the limits of his thought patterns and be ready to accept changes that are usually very frequent in the digital space.

These changes spans product innovation, ideas generation, problem solving, tweaking existing peripherals to align or be compatible with recent changes for individuals or corporate bodies.

The capability to mix and mash creativity, deep thinking and dexterity in manipulating existing tools to achieve goals are major and high valuable skills for the digital marketer.

Willingness to Freelance

A professional digital marketer with results should be willing to work on a part-time basis.

Today in Nigeria, quite a lot of organisations are a little weary taking such experts on a full-time basis.

Ofcourse, reason ain’t farfetched…

Budget and burden.

Sorry, I won’t explain either…LOL!

As at time of writing, it is abundantly glaring seeing not just the Nigerian economy and insecurity situation, but varying global crises ravaging our world.

No thanks to huge paradigm changes brought by the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As we are popularly aware, it’s the “new normal” way of life.

Embrace it.

And hey…

Not just that…

But the current war with Israel vs Hamas; Russia vs Ukraine and other brewing chaos all around the world.

Job Description of a Digital Marketer

Search Engine Optimization

A digital marketer should possess result-oriented search engine optimization, SEO, skills to help in increasing traffic to an online business by improving the ranking of its web properties.

In today’s parlance, when it comes to SEO, making a website show up in Google first page is increasingly getting tougher hence the need to generate quality content that stands well above your competition.

Search Engine Marketing

The Digital Marketer should be dexterous to overlap SEO and social media marketing abilities in achieving corporate digital marketing goals.

This skill is critical because social media websites have transformed into a huge search engine option for the digital marketer.

Recently, I have some clients online requesting to see my work on Instagram which is fast becoming an excellent tool for visual related businesses to market their wares.

The digital marketer must be able to leverage influencers (micro or macro) on the social media space to build trust and confidence in the brand. That’s social security.

Audience Favorites

Another critical area is the type of content that your target audience get engrossed in.

When you get wind of that, just super-focus and ensure you get all the juice from engagement and ofcourse, traffic.

Again, the saying…

That you need to be where your customers are cannot be overemphasized.

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How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria

In this chapter, we shall quickly look at how to setup a digital marketing agency in Nigeria.

If you’ve got intention to start a digital marketing company in Nigeria, this chapter quickly gives you a brief of how to go about it.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Clarify Your Goals

In order to be the resounding success that we both know you can be; you’re going to need clear goals to work towards.


Because without a goal, it’s hard to score.

Your goals can be anything else, including making money, that excites you or drives you forward.

In shooting for your goal, you need to ne S-M-A-R-T…


Be clear about what you want to do. Replace vague terms like, “be the best in the industry” with “Generate N10,000,000 in sales from digital marketing service.”


This is answering the question, “How will I know when I’ve achieved it?”.


This is normally achievable, but as research found, having aspirational goals here is far more beneficial. Try adding 20-25% onto what you think you can achieve, and you’ll find you’re hitting goals faster than ever.


By the same token, know what’s in your reach. Landing N1,000,000 worth of work probably won’t happen in your first year. But, over five years, why the heck not?


Set a clear, specific, time frame to achieve your goal in. This can be short, medium or long term, depending on the goal you’re setting.

So, if you were going to start an agency today, your SMART Goals might look like:

Get N10,000,000,000 worth of SEO contracts from retail clients in six months

Have a team of 10 workers on N1,000,000 a year each by March

Build to 10 clients at an average of N2,000,000 a month in one year’s time

While you might not know your exact goals right now it’s important to take the time to figure this out. They’ll give you a lot more focus and direction, and help you maintain that positive attitude, even at the toughest times.

Step 2: Acquire the skill

A top digital marketing agency in Nigeria propels that before you kickstart a digital marketing agency, it’s very critical to acquire the base skills of the trade.

According to the article, digital marketing is a profession and should be treated as such.

There are businesses and individuals that will not outsource their online marketing concerns to some agency without track record of results – of course you wouldn’t have that without getting proper training first.

Step 3: Gain experience

Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.

After the acquisition of skill, you should look for ways to practice either by freelancing or internship with an existing and experienced digital marketing agency.

It is great to try the waters after your training to see real-life, real-time practicalities of the business.

It is sad reality that businesses these days are a bit doubtful trusting new horns with their business secrets.

Regardless of this reality, it will not be cool for you to go straight to starting a digital marketing business just after training. It takes more than know-how to run a successful business, and there is no better way to find out other things required than experiencing them first hand.

You can draw up an exit plan as well as the goal you must attain before you can consider exiting your place of work. This will give you a clear understanding of the things you need to achieve before leaving to start your own business. It will also help you in measuring your actual result at every point in time with your standard and make adjustments when needed.

Step 4: Build a network of influence

Relationship has always been a key factor to success on every level. While you’re working with your employer, make sure to help your employer achieve his or her goals by doing your best on tasks assigned to you and pushing yourself to unlearn and relearn. This way, you would have assumed the position of running a business on your own even before your personal resources are at stake.

On the same heels, ensure you invest your time and other resources in quality networking. Leveraging colleagues in the industry can go a long way to speed up the learning curve and exposure to better opportunities. The networks you’ve built will eventually be part of your means of generating leads for your business when you launch it.

Step 5: Try out freelancing

Alongside doing all you can to help your employer succeed, it is pertinent that you start a side hustle with your skills set by registering on freelance platforms or reaching out to small businesses in your locale and offering to help them grow their businesses online.

By doing this, you will have started building your customer base long before you decide to start your own agency and you will not be bothered about getting clients in the first few months of starting your business.

Freelancing while you are still actively working will also give you first-hand experience of handling clients. You get to make mistakes and learn from them without the reality of your business suffering from it. Mind you, this should not give you the liberty to mistreat clients as you might learn the hard way eventually.

Step 6: Incorporate your business

Your next bet is to register your business with CAC before other investments including branding.

Find out the steps, online or offline, involved in business registration.

Once your business is duly registered, and you are presented with a certificate of incorporation, you can then confidently proceed to create your brand, build a website and engage in other steps required for your new baby.

Step 7: Branding

At this stage, carving a distinctive logo, voice and feel for your business is inevitable.

Beyond your logo is the new freshness, value you’re bringing on the table to a very thriving industry.

Your brand – beyond the logo, is what will market your business to people even when you are not there.

This feel also has to consistently reflect on your website, across social media platforms and on any other brand items you choose.

Step 8: Build your business a website

It goes without saying, in this age, all your efforts as a business will bring minimal results if you lack an online presence. Although, this is a well-known topic for digital marketers. Surprisingly, we still have digital marketers who do not own websites for their business. Perhaps it’s as a result of the size of their dreams.

Your website should proudly bear your brand name, logo, language and feel. It is where all your online marketing efforts are directed to in order to excite and convert your leads. It also covers the art of sharing valuable information with your prospects and existing customers – blogging.

Truly, without a well-structured and optimized business website, it will be hard to convert high paying clients. As a matter of fact, high flying prospects won’t see any reason to pay well when you don’t seem serious. Yes, a digital marketing agency without a website is unserious and unintentional about their mission.

Step 9: Promote your brand on social media (and do active marketing)

It is important that you understand the concept of meeting clients where they hang out.

Being new, most people, prospects, don’t care about you.

Social media is perfect for making a wild-fire brand awareness.

As a digital marketer, you can leverage this to grow your followership and make your business known to as many relevant people as possible.

You can also identify your (USP) unique selling proposition and run targeted ads to your audience, bringing an influx of leads to your site where you can excite them and make them your customers.

Step 10: Delight your clients

An incompetent and poor client management business will eventually be out of business.

I can put that in writing…

Oh, I already did…LOL!

A client is at the very heart of your business, you CANNOT afford to mess around with one.

Keep ensuring that clients’ problems are solved, relationship well managed and above all, be consistent.

This is not just in the quest to retain clients.

Happy clients are bound to refer your business to friends and colleagues.

Which is traditionally one of the most effective marketing strategy…word of mouth.

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FAQs About Digital Marketing in Nigeria

How lucrative is digital marketing in Nigeria?

The starting salary of a Digital Marketing Executive in Nigeria may be as low as ?150,000 monthly but a well proven and experienced marketer can earn over ?250,000 per month.

How to make money from digital marketing in Nigeria?

Make money online as a content writer

Become an SEO expert and sell SEO services

Make money online with affiliate marketing

Sell consultancy services to companies

Earn income online by displaying ads on your blog

Work as a social media manager and earn income

Make money online selling digital assets

Become a YouTube advertising partner

Become an eCommerce specialist

Become a digital marketing strategist Start your own digital marketing agency

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Advanced Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies that Works Today

I present to you tips and advanced digital marketing strategies that works.

Let’s dive right in…

1. Use Baits

Neil Patel, on his latest marketing trends, predictions, pointed top marketing trends and predictions in digital marketing.

Some of the key advanced elements suggest that businesses should come up with “contest and win promos” with consumer-driven content; build shareable, highly valuable and unique, irresistible assets; grow to be industry influencer.

Part of the lessons shared by Brian Dean of Backlinko, an industry sought-after digital marketing expert, is laid bare here….

2. Fail Fast!

This sounds quite absured I know right.

But wait…

Check this before you scroll off…

No doubt failing, as an entrepreneur, is usually very discouraging and costly.

This can be a problem if you don’t have a stable stream of income.

But on the flip side, Brian Dean, a serial digipreneur, puts it this way…

“But it took a good year and a half of failing to do that while I was freelance writing on the side. And part of the reason that it took so long is because I didn’t focus on it and I didn’t fail fast enough. And as you know, as an entrepreneur, one of the best things you can do is just keep trying stuff and failing and messing up and learning lessons. And it was really hard to pay the bills…”

He also added that…

“And that’s when I started failing fast, fast, fast, fast, fast. And about few months after that, I finally kind of figured it out. And over time, I figure it out more and more.”

Key Takeaway: Entrepreneurs must recognize that their ventures can take months and possibly even years to really succeed. And while the saying “it takes money to make money” rings true, you need to balance the need to burn money upfront with the ability to pay your bills.

3. Follow Trends Religiously

Keep a tab on what’s up in your industry at every point in time.

Time is critical in marketing to know what appeals to your target audience at every particular point

Know when a strategy is outdated or getting abused, find another and move on FAST!

In Brian’s case, he quickly got wind of the news that Google eventually became annoyed with black hat techniques employed in SEO, which forced a lot of agencies to change their practices and strategies in digital marketing.

4. Go Short & Long

Don’t stick to a long term or get overexcited about a short term strategy.

The key thing for you here is to be dynamic in your approach.

More strategically, combine your long term and short term goals, strategy into achieving your goal fast.

It’s worthy to note that all growth strategies come with their own benefits and drawbacks. That’s why it’s often necessary to consider multiple growth strategies at once.

Brian pointed that pay per click, PPC and search engine optimization, SEO, were both key marketing strategies for brands looking to grow. From his perspective, the benefit of SEO is that it’s more cost effective over the long-term, though it can also take a lot longer to make any headway.

Running campaigns on Google Ads and other PPC sites allows brands to grow their customer base while their organic rankings are still rising, which is essential for newer brands. Once you’ve built your SEO rankings, they pay dividends for years.

5. Blow Your Trumpet

Outreach is a major growth factor for every business. In fact, Brian said in an interview that he spends only 20% of his content marketing time actually writing content—the other 80% he spends promoting it.

It’s not uncommon for Dean to send more than 250 e-mails to promote new blog posts, in addition to the other posts on his list. Dean learned this strategy from Neil Patel and discovered that it pays off very well, emphasizing that new voices especially need to do as much outreach as possible, as it’s critical to generate some buzz to gain momentum in the early stages of your campaign.

The best place to start getting your content promoted is to share it with industry thought leaders who have already posted similar content on their social networks. Of course, you’ll also want to vet people according to the amount of social influence that they have. See how many real followers they have in their networks before reaching out to them.

6. Use Your Page, Posts Insights

Many marketers spin their wheels for months on campaigns that won’t gain any traction. Often, they’d be better off paying attention to the posts, pages and strategies that worked for them.

Monitoring how your posts turns out helps to streamline your energy right

Those data on social media and analytics platforms are for your consumption.

They show you what’s working for you based off of your parameters in your campaigns and users engagement.

There are a number of great tools out there that can help you aggregate data for your marketing strategies. Tools I mentioned earlier, like Ubersuggest, Analytics, BuzzSumo, et al, allows you to enter a keyword and see what content is gaining shares on search engines and social media alike.

Dean also recommends using Twitter APIs to find out what strategies are working out well.

One key tip here is to make a list of anyone who has shared content that is similar to what he’s promoting and tries to reach out to them to get his own content seen.

You’re not in competition but in to complement and cooperate.

It’s important you make your prospects understand this especially in our clime.

People can really be apprehensive as I earlier stated.


You need to allay any form of fear and bias by being sincere and straightforward all the way.

7. Be Aware of Productivity Hacks

It’s important to block out your time to focus on certain issues at once. You’ll operate more efficiently if you learn to stay in a rhythm.

Be aware of the limited energy that you have during the day. Dean tries to get all his creative work done in the morning while he still has enough energy and focuses on answering emails and other mundane tasks in the evening.

Douce the urge to have a massive workforce if everyone on your small team is as productive as possible. Regardless of the size of your company, it’s important to keep looking for ways to improve efficiency as much as possible.

8. Develop Your Own Model

Build a consistency and high quality system for producing quality on a regular basis.

For Brian, who operates a popular online marketing blog, in a sense, his product is his content.

To ensure that every piece of content he puts out is top-notch, he created a content generation model, which he named the “skyscraper strategy.”

Here’s an overview of his three-step process:

STEP 1: Identify existing high volume, valuable content in your niche

The best place to start is by seeing what content in your niche has already worked. This is where the knowledge and application of relevant tools play a major role.

Figure out what worked (and what didn’t). In this next step, Dean carefully analyzes content that went viral in his niche, trying to break it down and find out what made it so successful.

STEP 2: Make it better

Find ways to improve on your competitors’ content to get more traction to yours from it.

As an example of this system in practice, Brian created a post on 250 of the ranking factors involved in Google’s algorithms. Through his research, he found several similar posts that competitors had created that had gained a lot of social shares.

9. Don’t Jump the Gun on Non-Existent Trends

Being able to identify trends in general is a critical part of recognizing trends in your specific industry.

And while it’s true that trends could have a significant impact on the success of your business, you need to be careful not to jump onto every single one that comes along too quickly in case you start acting on something that doesn’t actually exist.

Brian points…

“I have sort of apathy towards any change that doesn’t impact the traffic that actually comes to my site and the number of visitors that I’m trying to lead to sales. So, once that happens, if that happens, then I’ll start paying attention. But until then it’s just noise for all the bloggers to have something to write about.”

10. Never Forget Your Customers’ Needs

It may sound like obvious advice, but you’d be amazed at how many businesses choose not to follow it.

Never forget the needs of your customers.

This is something that far too many entrepreneurs get wrong.

Brian emphasizes that this singularly neglected area is a mistake many content marketers make when generating list posts, in particular.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with list posts, problems occur when they don’t offer any actionable tips that readers can benefit from.

For this reason, content marketers need to review their work from the perspective of their readers. The goal is to enrich their audience with information that will improve their lives—and this goal must always be kept in the front of your mind.

Instead, he’s been able to significantly boost conversions by tailoring his calls-to-action to specific blog posts. He does this by offering “content upgrades” that provide even more information on the subject of the current post.

For example, on his Google ranking factors post, his opt-in box has the CTA “Bonus: Download a free checklist that will show you how to tap into the 10 most important Google ranking factors listed here.” This change alone boosted his conversion rate from 0.4% to 5.5%.

11. Invest Time and Money in Areas that Lift Your ROI

Focus on what gives you and your customers value.

Your digital marketing efforts could be frustrating if you’re not getting any form of reward for engaging or investing time and energy in them.

Sometimes, what you just need is a little tweak here and there and you’d be good to go.

Brian strategy of content upgrades don’t usually take long to execute, although he has no problem investing lots of time and energy into them since they yield such high returns.

PHEEEW, we’ve come a long way…

Wow, what an amazing journey thus far.

Congratulations and weldone if you’ve followed through thus far.

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NOW, over to you.

I would love to hear from you.

What are you taking away from this piece?

Let me know by dropping your comments below right now.

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