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Why Most Nigerian Print Media Website Design Looks Same

Getting a job at one of the best media house in Lagos Southwest Nigeria (my former place of work) wasn’t because I was prolific with page layout/planning and all that. The major cash cow for me was because I stood out with my creative designs. The crowning factor was because I had a strong hand in designing creative covers especially for the weekly news magazine, I shared in details here if you’d like to read it up. That was the major reason why I was brought on board and, by the Grace of God; I did that consistently every blessed week for 7 whole years. Continue reading Why Most Nigerian Print Media Website Design Looks Same

Your Website URL Matters

If we quickly make reference to popular online words and meanings we shared here, we’d remember what URL means. We’re not going to start defining or explaining that here. So if you’re interested you could quickly take a quick swipe and read it up here. We’d be concentrating on the importance of long and short URLs amidst other factors and how they affect your page rank in Google. Continue reading Your Website URL Matters

Make Your Websites Responsive NOW!

It looks Google’s going to be throwing one other big stone or spanner into the wheels of businesses online that their websites are not mobile compatible come 21 April. This time at the centre of Google, the world’s most preferred search engine, algorithm is the update that penalizes websites that are not responsive.

Continue reading Make Your Websites Responsive NOW!

Effective, Functional Website Designs Go With Goals

The environment was quite calm, sane and devoid of any form of hustle, bustle and “busyness” of any sort. It was the type that was quite recommendable for the creative mind. Getting into CKDIGITAL’s office in Shipeolu Street, Palmgroove, Lagos Southwest effective-website-designNigeria was a real great experience. The team was made of young chaps all around working on project as one great team with a common goal. I kept looking around to see if I could find female folks but none (inquisitive me abi?) Where are the ladies at? I asked in my mind sha. Continue reading Effective, Functional Website Designs Go With Goals