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The Interview

The interview day came and I was in high spirit. There were quite a lot of us waiting to be attended to. A shocker I got there was meeting my former boss back in 1997 when I did my internship with Minaj Printers Limited, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria. He was the least person I expected to see here. However, I just thought he probably came as a consultant. But no, he came also looking for a job, WHAT!. Continue reading The Interview

My Lawyer: Boy! Am So Bittered

Some few days later I called in to see my lawyer for advice especially on the continued delay of my salary (as at the time of writing this blog post, it is 6 months down the line since I was asked to leave and I have not received my full salary; no hope also on getting my savings from the cooperative society – you can imagine). Continue reading My Lawyer: Boy! Am So Bittered

Price, Pay, Play

My pastor was always known to be popular on the saying that there is a price before any prize you get in life. He also was fond of saying pay now so you can play later; cry now so you can cruise later. You can only qualify to play when you must have paid the required price. All these words of wisdom came pouring into me once again. Before now I had a plan that whatever the situation, I was ready to weather whatever storm that came my way. I was ready to go the whole hug and ready to suffer for my freedom. I was certainly willing to pay the price to get the prize of being an entrepreneur. I was ready to face my fear and overcome the fear of all fears. Continue reading Price, Pay, Play

It was a Nigerian match, it’s my victory confirmation

After writing my letter of resignation taking effect immediately and doing all necessary handover, I went back to the newsroom to watch the match between Nigeria and Ethiopia. I asked God to give victory to Nigeria as a confirmation of succeeding as I set out on my own – and that was exactly what happened, Nigeria won 2 goals to zero to win the Ethiopian side. Continue reading It was a Nigerian match, it’s my victory confirmation

Indefinite leave without pay!

After production and out of anxiety to know what’s up, I quickly rushed to the Administration Manager’s office. There I got the shocker of my life for the very first time in my working career. The Admin Manager regretted to announce to me that I was affected by the restructuring exercise in the company and that management was asking me to immediately “proceed on indefinite leave without pay.” In simple words, my appointment was being terminated with immediate effect. I was shocked to say the least. Continue reading Indefinite leave without pay!