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Branding Strategy: The Need To Stand Out

Branding StrategyBranding strategy for a great business is increasingly becoming an important aspect of business growth. There is need for you to create a strong strategy for your brand considering the teeming competition.

Recently, in the news, Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs, in Nigeria have been urged to see the need to rebrand, refocus and reposition their businesses to boost their marketability. Continue reading Branding Strategy: The Need To Stand Out

The Fund Challenge, The Father’s Carriage

The next thing after the office space opportunity was getting money to pay. As I mentioned earlier, I left my place of work with virtually nothing. The office space was not an opportunity I was going to let go just like that. This to me, was a great challenge but for the Heavenly Father to carry. Immediately I concluded with the agents that gave me a time frame, I set out in prayers seeking God’s assistance. I called friends, relatives, family members to solicit financial help. Continue reading The Fund Challenge, The Father’s Carriage

The office space opportunity

Before the office opportunity came, I had already started out with my marketing plan of moving around with letters of introduction as I stated in my earlier post. I was really very encouraged by a senior colleague I had worked for. I happen to tell him about my sudden detachment from work and he was glad to tell me to come see him and see how I can fit into some of the projects he had on ground on freelance basis. Continue reading The office space opportunity