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Evolve or Die

Just the other day, I did a workshop on “Information Technology and You”, now all my predictions are happening. Recently I just finished a design and print project. I had to visit the client just once. This wouldn’t have been necessary if not that I had to physically collect pictures to be scanned and used for the birthday anniversary programme design. Virtually everything was done online. Where am I headed? Continue reading Evolve or Die

A Breath-taking Profile of a Digital Media Specialist

Dr Anderson Uvie-Emegbo, MBChB, ITBMC
Dr-Anderson-Uvie-Emegbo-ProDr. Anderson is a leading African digital and social economy specialist, thought leader, multimedia content producer, writer, innovation architect, social techpreneur, educator, and certified information technology business manager with over 16 years’ experience in the digital space. Continue reading A Breath-taking Profile of a Digital Media Specialist

Case Study: Redesign of Nurturedscills Website

I mentioned in my goals for this year that I will be doing a redesign of Nurturedscills website. This piece is an introduction to what I will be doing and how I will be moving in stages so you can follow through my process and know what it entails from the very scratch. Continue reading Case Study: Redesign of Nurturedscills Website

2014: Resolutions OR Goals?

A lady was asked a usual question people do at the beginning of every new year: What is your new year’s resolution. She looked puzzled, quizzed and confused. She looked round and repeated twice “my new year resolution?” Well, well em, em, she toggled and in a bid to outpour her frustrations, she said “Compliments sha” Wow! That was her new year’s resolution. A big laugh for you there I know. Continue reading 2014: Resolutions OR Goals?