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Category Archives: Graphic Design

Secret of Everyday Success

successWhatever you ought to do today, do it. It may be a little pencil scribbling of a design
that came to you while having your bath; a design proposal that may tranform your website’s SEO potential; reading a book; a sales marketing idea for your designs or even as simple as making a call. The central idea here is just ensure you do what
is meant for today, today. Continue reading Secret of Everyday Success

What is Digital Graphic Design?

It is the incorporation of hi-tech sophisticated modern techniques [equipment & accessories, applications/programs/softwares (Computerization)] to the graphic design process which spans design for Print; Advertising; Multi-media; Internet/Web; Packaging; Signage; Exhibitions etc; involving the Graphic Designer (playing important roles in the process and required to be equipped with outstanding qualities) to produce visual communication. The primary aim of modern Digital Graphic Design is to inform, educate, re-orientate, entertain, enlighten and communicate to a target audience. Continue reading What is Digital Graphic Design?

GRAPHICS: Designing A Solid Future

Graphic designing is proving to be a rewarding investment path
As unemployment bites harder, Nigerian youths are exploring many business options to earn, at least, some decent living. One of the options is graphic designing. As Kunle Adelusi, a graduate of Ekiti State University has realised, investing in graphic designing can keep him smiling to the bank.

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My Design Experience

I love design so when I started out as a graphic designer, even as an intern some couple of years back, I wanted to take or better still, I had and still do have a very strong passion of taking my design career to the next level. I was privileged to learn how to use the computer with the Apple Macintosh. As at then, the softwares we used then was Illustrator, Photoshop, Pagemaker (all of the Adobe family). We also had QuarkXpress to assemble bitmaps and vectors before reproduction. All through my experience as a graphic designer, I always thought of better ways of creating better stuff. For instance, if I handled a project and after it was reproduced, usually in print, I would go back in review and ask myself how better I can improve on what I’ve done. This, most times, usually resulted in migraines because I was virtually always thinking. Everything around mattered to me – aesthetic wise. Continue reading My Design Experience