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Cover Concept: “OJUKWU (1933-2011): The Final Journey”

I introduce to you TheNEWS, your
authoritative weekly magazine. Here we
will share with you our cover concept rationale for every design we embark on. Please have fun and don’t hesitate to drop your comments.
Quite a lot (from the editorial team) went into coming up with this week’s cover material (a special edition for Ojukwu). For us in the creative team, we had quite a lot of concept in mind. The only constrain we had was sourcing for photographs that would best ‘tell the story’. In this post, I wish to share just two of the cover design concepts that scaled the hurdles of constructive critics. At the end, naturally, one was approved.
After our editorial meeting, the creative team went down cracking on how best (graphically) we can join millions of Nigerians across the globe to honour (for one whole week) our legend, the late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, the Eze Igbo Gburugburu, which will be buried this week. The headline cover was to read “OJUKWU (1933-2011): The Final Journey”.
The first concept we had was to project the subject taking a walk amidst a bright blue sky with rays beaming on the subject as he takes a final walk. After checking our photo data bank for a photograph of Ojukwu without getting the one that best suits what we had in mind, we sourced our image from Google images. We then opened the image in Adobe Photoshop and carefully traced it neatly. A good looking cloud was also downloaded and properly retouched in Photoshop. CorelDraw was then used to assemble all the graphic elements. The background sky was imported and properly placed on the custom document size while the traced subject (Ojukwu) was also imported into the main frame of the job. Text matters was added and properly placed beside the main subject, targeting the rays to give it enough contrast. Text was filled with black and further strengthened by a while shadow cast with options of outside and opacity of 100%. A strong contrast is always an important factor for sales as passersby need to clearly see what the headline reads on newsstands before indicating interest to buy. Again, vendors usually display the magazine to commuters where the opportunity arises especially during traffic gridlocks and at strategic locations. So contrast to us as designers is a very functional aspect of our design just as affordability is. We rounded our design by strategically placing the other flip stories neatly at the very top of the magazine with a nice grey background. We were careful in ensuring simplicity and also avoided crowding the magazine design with many elements.
The other graphic concept design was done with one of our archive photo material of the late Ojukwu. Here we experimented with a bold big smiling face of the subject with big bold chunky fonts emphasizing the journey in red.
After scrutiny, the latter design was approved for printing due to its overwhelming boldness – both image usage and text rendering.

My Design Experience

I love design so when I started out as a graphic designer, even as an intern some couple of years back, I wanted to take or better still, I had and still do have a very strong passion of taking my design career to the next level. I was privileged to learn how to use the computer with the Apple Macintosh. As at then, the softwares we used then was Illustrator, Photoshop, Pagemaker (all of the Adobe family). We also had QuarkXpress to assemble bitmaps and vectors before reproduction. All through my experience as a graphic designer, I always thought of better ways of creating better stuff. For instance, if I handled a project and after it was reproduced, usually in print, I would go back in review and ask myself how better I can improve on what I’ve done. This, most times, usually resulted in migraines because I was virtually always thinking. Everything around mattered to me – aesthetic wise. Continue reading My Design Experience