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Case Study: Redesign of Nurturedscills Website

I mentioned in my goals for this year that I will be doing a redesign of Nurturedscills website. This piece is an introduction to what I will be doing and how I will be moving in stages so you can follow through my process and know what it entails from the very scratch.

I started out doing some very funny pencil biro sketches on how best I wanted the layout to look. Before now I’ve just been thinking and getting myself worked out with the best strategy for the new design. Here are some of the sketches I made. Please don’t laugh. I’ve not been too good with the biro pencil these days. Computer don spoil person sef!

Like I mentioned earlier, i was just getting worked out of my best approach also considering the very high competition in my niche.

In my earlier post, I mentioned that as I learn new things, it’s just apparent that I will adopt and see how effective and functional the new design will be. In following one off my great online mentors, I came by this online application called crazy egg. It totally wowed me and gave me a clear cut direction on how to go about doing a great and effective redesign. The software basically shows you the spots visitors are clicking on when they visit your website. Check out the snapshot of where visitors are heavily clicking on Nurturedscills home page:

What this clearly shows is that a lot of people are clicking heavily, in no particular order, the following areas:
1. About: The top navigation link which has 1 click and amounts to about 16.7%.
2. Blog: The top navigation link which has 1 click and amounts to about 16.7%.
3. Portfolio: The bottom navigation link which has 1 click and amounts to about 16.7%.
4. See More: The second copy area element, just before the footer, where I displayed a bit of “out stuff” and amounts to 33.3%. WOW! I was taken off foot here!
5. Select Language: The 64-language translation app I incorporated in the footer section which amounts to 16.7%.

Naturally this research and exercise if you like to call it, heavily influenced the direction of my redesign. I am so grateful for guys out there that come up with such great tools to make life more predictable in some way.
So back to the drawing board I had to go. My plan now was to ensure I capitalize on those very heavy areas visitors to the website are more interested in. If you check closely my sketch above (the smaller version on your left), that option would be the best to follow to give room for the eye-opener Crazy Egg brought to me (check later I would post a bigger clearer version here).

In conclusion and like I mentioned before, quite a lot has changed, and this happens drastically sometimes that you will need to respond fast them else you (and your website) are relegated to the background. So I’ll keep you posted on my progress for the redesign.

Cheers and see you later.

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