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10 Lessons From My YECO 4 Experience 2018

Recalling Otunba Alabi’s Experience
Akin Alabi shared a story about the sacrifice he had to make to attend a seminar in Lagos all the way from Ibadan.

My humble self at the entrance to the conference hall of event at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victorial Island Lagos, Nigeria

This was his scenario:

  1. He didn’t have any cogent reason for his parents for leaving Ibadan at the time.
  2. He barely had enough money.
  3. The seminar he dearly needed. WHY? It was by his very revered mentor, Dr. Sunny Ojeagbase, Publisher, Complete Sports
  4. Seminar was for 3 days

What did he do?

He determined that he’d attend the seminar no matter what it took.

Because he couldn’t stay back in Lagos for the 3 days seminar, he had to trek a long distance (managing his money) from his place to Iwo road in Ibadan, board a Lagos-bound vehicle and virtually trekked to the event.

For the 3 days event, he was shuttling between Ibadan and Lagos.

Nobody suspected. Nobody saw, nobody knew (his sacrifice).

Summarily, he emphasized that single event as being the major turning point for his success in life and business today.

…and oh!

…he actually recounted the story in this year’s conference…

…and ended it with this inspirational piece:


“If you want to do something, you find a way, if you don’t, you find an excuse.”

I Needed A Breather

Sincerely, I needed to be out of my shell.

To be able to think straight and just get out.

I needed some air, some motivation, some environment, some refereshing.

So I decided, like Otunba Akin, that I was going to attend the seminar.

As a matter of fact, I was supposed to take my family on an Easter break to my sister in Ibadan (coincidentally abi) to enjoy.

But no I did not.

I had told my wife that I’d have to attend this seminar no matter what it took me.

Really I had excuses:

  1. PMB in Lagos: The president, Muhammadu Buhari, was in Lagos to commission some projects and attend Senator Bola Ahmed’s 66th birthday anniversary.
  2. Chido’s Traffic Experience: I called a friend of mine Thursday prior to the event on Friday and his traffic news wasn’t any good atall. He said he had been trapped for hours in traffic and had to call office that he wouldn’t be able tomake it back because virtually everywhere was blocked.I was praying.
  3. News on Radio: There were quite a lot of news about the suffering experienced by a lot of Lagosians on that particular day the president landed Lagos. The experience was really gruesome as a lot of people trekked very long distances to their various destinations.
  4. Rained Cats & Dogs: The ‘D’ Day came and the rain started pouring down like no-man’s business.
    I was praying. After it subsided in the wee hours of the morning, I set out (without an umbrella).

Landing Very Early
Come to think of it, the traffic from the mainland down to the Island was very, very FREE.

I thought despite the holidays, that the same scenario that played out the day before would still trickle down to the day of the event being 30 March 2018.

But I was wrong.

It was a smooth sail and I was at the event kicking off by 10a.m. before 8a.m.

Cool abi? :).

The place was jam-packed before 10a.m.

At a time, some people were standing in and around the over 3,000-capacity hall of the Eko Hotel because all the seats had been filled up.

There were even great commendations that such a non-entertainment event could attract such a huge turnout of youths across Nigeria.

It was indeed awesome.

Summary of my lessons by Speakers

  1. Don’t undermine yourself: Don’t, in any way, look down on yourself. You are more than where you are today. Just pick a dream, a big one he’d recommend, and run with it. That was Paystack’s Founder Sola Akinlade’s submission while he spoke on the story of his journey to building and indigenous payment solution platform.
  2. There are stars everywhere if you look to the sky. But guess what? There are still room for more. The popular actor, film director and politician, Desmond Elliot pulled this inspirational string while he recounted his VERY HARD JOURNEY to stardom.
  3. Don’t be in the bandwagon of life. Don’t belong to the masses. Express yourself, speak out –be a voice. This was how Asiri, the comedian, dramatically drove home his point. He further said you cannot always be in a favourable condition.
  4. Don’t allow your background put you to the ground. Adewale Yusuf of Techpoint told a beautiful story of how he rose from being a mere security guard to building one of Nigeria’s most respected online tech media platform.
  5. If you need to, go out of your comfort place. Travel, relocate, explore (don’t get suffocated) new grounds and places. Learn something new, find new opportunities. Rich Taskley left America with just 2 bags, landed African (and finally Nigeria) and has built an empire in the digital space.
  6. He further advised that you hire people better, smarter than you and let them do their jobs (don’t stand in their way to influence anything).
  7. Don’t be the smartest person in your company/business.
  8. Don’t pursue one solution to a problem. Try multiple solutions at the same time.
  9. Look for the weakest link in your company when as it grows big.
  10. Build from beginning to solve your problems.

To crown it all up, I also got Toyin Omotoso’s Where the Money Is Today (and how to get it) book for FREE; heavy discounts on conference materials and valuable information on upcoming seminar series tagged: Business Opportunity Expo.

If you didn’t attend YECO 4 you missed.

Mmeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! LOL.

Now I present it to you:

What lesson strikes you?

Did you attend the seminar?

What was your take away?

Please share in the comments section below.

To your success in 2018.


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